Wednesday, December 30, 2009

salutations 2009

I am very excited for the upcoming new year! The new year means a lot of things!
It means.....
I graduate in August (hopefully!)
I have to find a real big girl job (that part i'm not excited about... can't i just work at the rec center forever? I've already been there 6 years!)
Troy and I will be sealed in the temple this summer
I get to start my 2nd ever internship
Troy goes to the U!

There are other things too! These are just the biggest ones I can think of. And I'm sure next year will bring some surprises too!
Although I don't really like life surprises.
Those always throw me off kilter for awhile and then you have to re-evaluate.

OH. and I almost forgot 2010 means...
ah. my life is good.

The end of 2009 means........................................

No more clase de espanol.
the end of brutality to my car. Poor car went through a lot this got keyed, rear ended, and troy ran it into a rock.
no language of color class.
no more junior jazz for troy!

2009 was pretty good though.
I learned a lot about myself (strengths and weaknesses)
I grew up a lot.
bettered myself
I got married.
Had a great honeymoon.
Spent an awesome summer with my love.
discovered my love of fly fishing.
had a fantastic christmas.
Troy and I get to spend our first ever New Years Eve together! Troy ditched me for the Sugar Bowl last year...
Pretty much Troy made my 2009.

See ya later '09
Welcome '10

In honor of the new year and the upcoming concert, I will sign off with a quote from Brand New...

Consider this a letter that I never sent
However inconsiderate it seems
Do you still consider me,
consider me the boy you laughed with
or that you learned to live without?... I suck,
I know I'm late,
I know you waited
--"Logan to Government Center," Brand New

random I know. I just picked a random song and the 1st verse.

Monday, December 28, 2009


Troy and I had a wonderful Christmas!!! It was seriously probably the best Christmas I've ever had. The past 4 Christmases have pretty much sucked (they've definitely gotten better each year) but this year was so much fun! I lost my camera charger so my camera has been dead and I haven't been able to take any pictures!

Troy and I got lots of good stuff! Troy got stuff for his bike that he is building (thanks to Heath for helping me pick stuff out!). And Troy got me a Snuggie I was super excited! some cd's and a movie AND tickets to my favorite band (well one of them)....BRAND NEW! I was super surprised and I'm sooooooooooooooooooo excited for the concert! January 29th! Then my mom completely spoiled us! She bought us a Wii and she got each of us our own fly fishing rods with tackle box and flies and bubbles! Troy and I were both so excited! If only it was fishing weather! We're both so happy to have our own poles! We were just borrowing his dads and now we have our own!! Thanks mama!

This Christmas we spent most of it with my family. We went to my uncle Chris and Aunt Audree's house on Christmas Eve for my favorite "Faux Christmas." My aunt Audree buys a bunch of gag gifts and we pass around the basket and choose a gift for the person after us. Troy got disposable flasks and robot tissues and I got a Beatles lunch box and 1970's Rock Trivia cards. Some of the funnier items were a smoking baby, bug glasses and "smittens" which were these super funny mittens for lovers! It's 2 individual mittens and one conjoined mitten so you can hold hands with your lover! awww.... My cousin Ryan and his wife Lacee just had a baby boy Wilson, so we got to see him. And Troy joined in on the annual "Jones Nerf War" with my cousins and uncle. I think he is now officially accepted as a member of the family!

Christmas Day we went to my Mama's and got spoiled and then to my Aunt Toni's where we watched my little cousins open their presents and then got into a giant family wrapping paper fight. Some of the boys started throwing the paper really hard and it hurt when it hit you in the I quickly hid. I also got to see my cousin Zak and his wife Jillians 3 day old baby Bella! so cute! My little 4 year old cousin Cameron was there and he gave me lots of attitude.

Cameron: "this is my elephant. And these are his horns"
Me: "They're called tusks"
Cameron: "Well I can call them whatever I want!"


Cameron: "You have a boyfriend! You have a boyfriend! ha ha ha!"
Me: "I have a husband! I have a husband! ha ha ha!"
Cameron: "Whatever. Same thing."

Then we went to Troys parents and watched Terminator: Salvation. It was awesome. I loved it.

Good Christmas!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

cough, cough

today at work (rec center work, not max work).

I choked on POPCORN. The kind of hacking and gagging, eyes watering, cherry red face kind of choking. And of course it had to happen while I was on the phone with a customer. In the middle of my sentence a little piece of popcorn that lodged itself in the crevasse of my molar came loose and flew down my lungs just as I was about to explain prices on a family membership.

I tried to hold my cough in but I quickly realized this cough was un-stifle-able. Full on cough attack. I cough for a good 10 seconds to the point I feel I can barely choke out "ca-an y-ou ho-uh-ld o-n?" and I put the call on hold and ask my co-worker in the same voice
"ca-an yo-u fin-ish m-y ca-all?"

I then hear Jessica say "Sorry about that...I think she's coughing up a lung."

I'm choking and coughing and gagging and dying with eyes watering uncontrollably. My coughs are literally throwing my body forward and hide in my managers office where everyone precedes to make fun of me.
After a few minutes I can finally breathe like a human again.

But that was bad.

Monday, December 21, 2009

lookin back...

So I had half of this post written already got distracted because Troy came home and wanted to spend the 30min he'd be home with him...Thought I saved the post as a draft...apparently I didn't.

So here goes round 2...

One year ago today...Troy got down on one knee in a moment of complete and utter surprise, in front of a crowd of people and professed his undying love and devotion to me and asked for my hand in marriage.

Ok. So it didn't actually go down like that. At all.

It was in his car, with me already wearing the ring we had just bought together because I begged him to let me try it on one more time. Then I absolutely refused to take it off. After a 5 minute (playful) argument, he then leaned toward me and sweetly asked "will you marry me?" I was slightly surprised he let me off that easy...but then I kissed him and exclaimed...YES! the moment was perfection. Very "Troy and Leslie" indeed. I know to many that may sound like the lamest proposal ever. My cousin Carrie actually told me that exactly (she's such a sweet girl).

*Random Side Rant* After telling my family the proposal when my cousin Carrie told me my proposal was l-a-m-e... She then preceded to tell me her engagement story. Dinner at some expensive restaurant and then a carriage ride in downtown SLC (my personal opinion...cliche and LAME) but then best part...SHE made the dinner reservation, SHE arranged for the carriage ride. Isn't that kind of lame??? at least mine was spontaneous! End rant.

Also, 7 months to the day Troy and I were hitched. It's weird to think it's already been 7 months and it's also weird to think it's only been 7 months!

This weekend Troy and I got to spend ALL weekend together and it was SO MUCH fun. Friday night we did nothing but be lazy. Troy picked up The Pie pizza on his way home from work and we bought The Hangover and just ate pizza and watched a movie. With school finally being over we were both in need of alone time. And we got just what we needed.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

no more teachers! no more books!

....until january. boo. Oh well I graduate in August! woo hoo!

I was a domestic goddess yesterday and I just wanted to share that with everyone. My house has been rather neglected (to say the least) during the past 3 weeks while I have been preparing for finals and got scheduled an unusually large amount as well. So after my last final yesterday and finding out that all of my therapy sessions with Max were cancelled because his parents are ripping out the ceiling in his therapy room because it leaks... I decided to clean my house! I vacuumed, I dusted OH DID I DUST! I put away laundry, scrubbed the toilet AND the bath tub, the dishes, washed the sheets, MADE THE BED (that never happens). My house is SOOO clean! i love it. I also made delicious Christmas treats AND had dinner ready by the time my husband got home. I could totally be a stay at home mom. I love not having school or work!

Friday, December 11, 2009

You know your mom is going deaf when....

this happens. Here is a play by play of the last time I called my mom a few hours ago.....

(me calling...ring ring ring!)

Mom: Hello dear!

Me: Mom I was just in a car accident.

Mom: Oh. guess what I'm doing? decorating my christmas tree!

Me: Do you even care that I was just hit by another car???

Mom: Of course I want to hear about your day honey!

Me: I was just hit by a car.

Mom: I'm sorry I didn't hear you...


Mom: Oh my gosh! I don't know what I thought you were saying...but that definitely was not it!

My mom...bless her heart.

And p.s. I am fine. It was just a fender bender some dude rear ended me on 5th south...he said he hit ice or something. His car looks worse than mine. And I got whip lash and now my back, neck and head hurt. Good times.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Oh Troy...

I honestly cannot make myself do my homework. I have mentally checked out for the remaining 3 weeks of school. CRAP. So I thought I'd post this video of my darling husband. I may not be a football fan but watching Troy watch a Ducks game is hilarious! I secretly video taped this on Saturday. CLASSIC TROY. Sorry for the poor quality it's from my phone. This is a typical reaction to a touch down...

The dialogue you can't really hear...
Troy: "Are you recording me?"
Me: "Yeah because I want to show you how big of a dork you are!"

Monday, November 23, 2009

One year ago...

A year ago this month (November 7th to be exact) I had knee surgery. Ok it was a scope... but it sounds cooler when I say surgery. It was awful. It hurt. I took a lot of drugs that relieved my pain but made me feel super nauseated all of the time and constipated (that's gross I'm sorry but it's true!). For a week I had an immobilizer on and I couldn't shower or change my underwear without the help of my dear old mom. THAT'S embarrassing being 21 and having to have your mom help clothe and bathe you. And have you ever tried to go to the bathroom and try to keep one of you legs perfectly straight?? It takes a lot of talent and patience. I also ended up being in that 1% of patients they warn you about who have a lot of pain and scar tissue. I ended up having to use crutches and as Troy so kindly put it "walked like a zombie" when I didn't use them. It really was a horrible experience and I'm not looking forward to having my other knee done when it too decides to quit on me. I had to completely re-learn how to walk. I remember sitting at school and watching people walk and then trying to copy them. Then my knee would randomly give out and I would have to clutch on to the nearest pole, wall, person, etc... I did get a temporary disabled parking pass at school though. That made up for a lot of the torment. I found these pictures on my phone's sim card today... thought I'd share with you my disgusting swollen knee....

Here is the very first picture of my knee! This was taken literally moments after the
wrap/leg immobilizer was taken off my leg for the first time. It had been about 5 or 6 days since my surgery. My leg looks like a holiday ham. Just in time for Thanksgiving!

The other side in all of its swollen glory.

This photo and the next two were taken a few days after the "unveiling" of my new and improved knee

And this one was taken so you could compare the size of my knee caps. This photo was taken a few weeks after my surgery. it literally took FOREVER for the swelling to go down.
My savior at the U. I got the BEST parking :)

And just for good measure...
My healthy healed knee! And I swear my leg is not deformed despite what the last pic seems to show...Some how with my sweats bunched up like that it looks like my upper thigh is curving to the right. weird...

Monday, November 16, 2009

What would you do?

I HAD to share this story that one of my good friends told me today about her experience at work today. I about died laughing. And because it's a bit of a personal nature I will conceal their identity and call them....hmmm....Charlie.

So Charlie was at work today when a sudden bout of diarrhea hit her. Charlie quickly made it to the bathroom and did what one does in the bathroom. As Charlie reached for the toilet paper she realized to her own dismay there was none! She thought "no big deal" seeing as she was in one of those bathrooms with only one toilet not one of those stall type bathrooms, "I'll check under the sink!" No such luck. "I'll just use a paper towel!" She quickly realized she was in trouble...paper towels were also out. Faced with a dilemma she had to think on her feet, she had to get creative. She didn't exactly want to announce to the whole office she had diarrhea... So what did she do? She reached into the garbage and pulled out the used paper towels to wipe her bum!

ha! GENIUS. I don't think it would have ever crossed my mind!
Kinda gross but good idea!
i love funny poo stories.
Thanks for sharing love!
You absolutely positively made my day with that story!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Saturday the 14th!

So I'm not a very superstitious person. In fact I didn't even connect that dots that it was "Friday the 13th" yesterday until someone mentioned it this morning. Yesterday was an alright day. Nothing out of the ordinary...I guess the only bad luck I had on "Friday the 13th" was that Max was not a super happy camper yesterday. He had a 30 minute tantrum that left me sweaty from trying to control him and 2 big bruises on my calves. He hucked a toy rocket launcher at my face too! Luckily he missed. Other than that...not bad.

Today however...Saturday the 14th was hell. It started out fine... slept in until about 8:15am and got to work by 9am. Then I noticed the ENTIRE rec center parking lot was full. I knew that was a bad sign. I should have just turned around and went home right then. We had a hockey tournament AND a swim meet AND junior jazz practice all going on at the very same time. Today, was also the first day of snow and something about snow makes people think "let's go ice skating!" So we had about 300 people come to ice skate. There was an insane amount of people there. And then the real kicker...I realized it was the last day of sign ups for the second session of junior jazz. First of all, I LOATHE junior jazz season. Everyone is ridiculous about junior jazz and whose team their kid is on and bla bla bla.

So saturday mornings are typically slow at the SDRC but TODAY we had a line out the door by 10am. And it wasn't so much a line as a mass of people all congregated together trying to make their way to one of us.

I then quickly came to the realization that the 3 other girls who were working with me were ALL new. I was the only supervisor there so that meant that everyone was going to be moving slow and asking me a lot of questions. How it slipped Mary's mind to schedule 3 new people on the last day of Jr. Jazz sign ups I'll never know. So for 7 hours of my day I was bombarded by anxious/annoyed customers and annoying questions by my co-workers. I typically don't mind helping my co-workers. I am the supervisor. That is my job. But today was just not the day.

Then at around 11:30am our computers decided to freeze. Like completely stopped working. When they started working again our computer system Sportsman wouldn't let us sign up anyone who wasn't previously in our system. DID I MENTION THAT IT WAS THE LAST DAY OF JUNIOR JAZZ SIGN UPS AND WE HAD A CONSTANT LINE OUT OF THE DOOR????

While in the midst of all of this I was helping people as fast as I possibly could when two GROWN MEN came up to me at the same time and got in a fight about who was next in line. I kid you not! I seriously thought they were going to start throwin' down WWE style! I didn't help either of them. I was too afraid of upsetting the other person if I started helping one of them. They were THAT mad. It was THAT busy. I stood there in shock while they yelled at one another until one of the other girls finished helping someone and I quickly directed one of them to her and I helped the other one.

I was basically running like a chicken with my head cut off today. Not fun. Then the girl who was supposed to come in for me was 20 minutes late. And I was off on my till. I didn't end up leaving until 4:15 and I was supposed to get off at 3.

I feel like I haven't had a weekend at all. I came home and have been doing homework ever since.

boo :(

Thursday, November 12, 2009

random thoughts

So I am embarrassed to admit that I love watching the TV show 18 kids and counting... But every time I watch it I hope that one day I can be a mom like Michelle Duggar. Not the whole having 18 kids, wearing skirts all the time and having big hair thing... but she is probably the most patient, friendly and sweet person. I think she is a terrific example of a good mom and just a good person. I also watched John and Kate Plus 8 (i'm a huge reality show watcher) and the difference between these 2 moms is night and day. I really doubt that I'll ever be as patient, friendly and sweet as Michelle Duggar but I hope maybe I can be a little day.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Seeing red.

Work and school have been HECTIC for troy and I this week. As usual we barely got to see each other. We went to the Jazz game on Saturday and bought matching Boozer jerseys (jersies?). He's my favorite player despite the fact that everyone hates him. Our section won the loudest/rowdiest section of the night. Which basically meant that we got showered in confetti and nothing else. Unfortunately the Jazz LOST. I was crushed and in a bad mood for the rest of the night.

I've been rockin' my glasses all day today.

because this morning I woke up with this...

it hurts and I have no idea how I did it.

I've burst a blood vessel in my eye one other time when I had bronchitis and I coughed so hard the vessels in my eye burst. This is a mystery burst and is pretty painful but lucky for me you can't really see it unless you look really closely because it's so high up on my eye.

Monday, November 2, 2009

My husband is a crazy person.

So My husband is insane. I LOVE HIM. But I think he is clinically insane when it comes to a little team called the Oregon Ducks. October the 31st to any other person I know was just Halloween but to Troy it was the holy grail of Ducks games. Halloween night. Black out game. Against USC (another PAC 10 team)...he had been talking about it for weeks. Here is why he is crazy. Luckily my camera was next to me to capture the moment...

Here is Troy literally sitting on the edge of his seat

moved from couch to crouching position

then to standing position...
and I'm 90% sure shortly after this photo is when Oregon scored and he got so excited that he jumped up and hit his head on our light fixture! He didn't even notice...

after the head incident he stuck to his crouched position.

So that is why I think he is crazy. In case you are wondering Oregon won. They killed USC. My husband was happy which means I was happy :)

In other sports news...
JAZZ WON ON FRIDAY! and I was there!
Mo-Tab sang the national anthem
Unfortunately they are getting their butts handed to them as I speak. Or type. whatever.
I'm pretty sure this game is aggravating my ulcer.

Ah-mazing! They sounded like a recording.

Final score! GO JAZZ!

our Jazz hats

Bret Michaels and groupie

My sweet tats for my costume. Yes that is Popeye.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

a little public service announcement...

I'm debating what it is I exactly want to post... Part of me wants to show you a few of things I've been up to as of lately. The other part wants to make a post about a petition I want people to kindly sign... Or at least make people aware of :) I think... I'm going to go with... PETITION.

I'm not saying you have to agree... or sign this petition. Just hear me out.

Petition to BAN the drug OxyContin.
I know too many people who have battled an addiction with this drug.
Many people are unaware of several facts about OxyContin.

OxyContin was originally intended as a pain reliever for TERMINALLY ILL patients.

You can now receive OxyContin for back pain, surgeries, etc.. It is the MOST frequently prescribed opioid pain killer in North America

OxyContin is HIGHLY addictive.

In 2007, Purdue and three top executives of Purdue Pharma (the makers of OxyContin) pled guilty in Virginia in relation to misleading the public about the addictive qualities and safety of OxyContin and paid fines totaling over $634 million.

OxyContin has become a popular drug and its mood altering effects has led to a significant increase in illicit usage.

OxyContin is molecularly almost identical to and acts in the body in the same manner as HEROIN.

Heroin and OxyContin are virtually interchangeable. Many OxyContin abusers often switch to heroin because heroin is inexpensive in comparison to OxyContin. This often leads to abuse of other illicit drugs. So please... if you ever go to the doctor and they prescribe you OxyContin also known as Oxycodone (and you are not a terminally ill cancer patient or the likes) please ask for for a prescription of something less extreme such as Hydrocodone which is still an opiate and effective but has what is called an Antagonist mixed with the drug to make it less addictive. I took Hydrocodone for both my tonsilectomy and my knee surgery and my pain was managed quite effectively! I know it sounds silly...everyone thinks it can never happen to them but why take the risk?

Join the cause...Sign the petition.

For more info on OxyContin you can try these sites...

Monday, October 26, 2009

Dear lame mini van driver...

I have bad luck when it comes to crazy road rage psychos. Today...was a bad luck day.

So it's like 7:10am this morning I am in my car driving up 4th south in salt lake city on my way to school at the U. I was stopped at a stop light and it's was REALLY early right? So I zone out for a minute. And all of a sudden I hear this honking but I thought I heard it coming from the side of me so I look to my right I see nothing but a car whizzing passed. Then an even louder (more aggressive if you will) honk and I put 2 and 2 together.... car whizzing passed me, another car honking...the light has changed! I look up and sure enough it has changed! So I say "Sorry!" to the honking car even though I know they can't hear me and quickly press on the gas and go faster then I normally would through a light because I felt bad I was holding up this mini van behind me.

So I'm just driving along and this van decides that they are going ride my butt all the way up hill and follow me as closely as possible. (I have never understood this following closely of upset cars what does it prove? NOTHING except that if me, myself and I have to slam on my brakes for an emergency they are 90% sure to rear end me and they will get the ticket!)

Anyway, so I'm thinking "you are so very mature 50 year old man driving an ugly mini van." And we get to another light where this time I am NOT the first car line I'm like the 8th. He pulls up and stops probably 2 inches from the rear of my car. THEN when the light turns green he starts honking at me! Even though I have already released my foot from the break and have started to drive! He continues to do this ALL the way up 4th south! THERE ARE A LOT OF STOP LIGHTS on 4th south. The last light i was stopped at I was half way tempted to put my car in park, jump out and tell this grumpy old man to suck it and punch him in the face. Then when we get to another light and I get in the left hand turn lane and he continues to drive straight he LAYS on his horn as he drives past me. He probably flipped me off but I didn't even look at him. I did say "douche bag" as I turned left.

Why are people so ABSOLUTELY ridiculous??? I am sorry that I am an imperfect person and I delayed you for 5-10 seconds at a stop light. But I am sure you will survive. Your horn honking and close following proves nothing other than your own immaturity, stupidity and anger management issues.... and you drive an ugly mini van. So there!

And I wanted to to share something really funny I said on accident the other day...

Troy and I were in the car discussing our Halloween plans. We were discussing whether or not we were going to a party because the Oregon Ducks are playing that night (Troy favorite team and obsession) and they are playing another PAC 10 team and it's a black out game and it's supposed to be a big deal... So he asked me what I said to my friend who invited us to the party...

What I meant to say...

"My husbands favorite football team is playing that night."

What I actually said...

"My favorite husbands football team is playing that night."

Troy then proceeded to give me a strange look. I then I realized what I said.

Troy: "So you have more than one husband, huh?"
Me: "Maybe I do but at least you're my favorite, right!?"
Troy: "uh huh."

(I really do only have one husband!)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Doctor, Doctor! Give me the news!

So I am over the flu. Or whatever the crap it was that I had...sort of. I didn't officially stop throwing up until late Saturday night/Early Sunday morning depending on how you look at it. But since then I've been feeling really nauseated especially when I eat. And there have been several times when I thought I might throw up once again but luckily have not. My mother and my husband both have thought this is rather quite strange so they forced me to go to the doctor. Several people have told me they think I'm pregnant. I did have one day where I freaked out and also thought this...but I'm not convinced. So I went to my doctor today to figure out why I'm feeling this way. His conclusion.... drum roll....not pregnant. Well I mean not 100% for sure he didn't give me a test or anything but I'm going to side with him. I don't feel pregnant. Not that I know what that feels like but I just don't. And I'm on birth control (which I know isn't fool proof) but pretty darn effective! I'll just wait for my body to either confirm or deny this assumption next week.


From everything I told him he says it's probably 1 of 2 things....

1. I have gall bladder problems

2. I'm developing peptic ulcer disease

Both of which sound awful. He thinks i'm probably developing peptic ulcer disease (awesome, right?) Because my symptoms coincide better with that... nausea, bloating, vomitting and my favorite of all, burping a lot! It's so gross. Plus, whole life sometimes I'll randomly wake up in the middle of the night feeling like I'm going to vomit (or actually do) with no sign of the flu or any flu like symptoms. Which apparently is common because of the laying down while you're digesting or something. I don't know. He told me to see how it goes over the next couple of weeks and if it gets worse or stays the same they'll prescribe antacids for me and I may even have to have a camera go down my throat...yuck.

so no babies! just ulcers...
at 22...
I'm not sure which is worse...

Friday, October 9, 2009

All my love, The Flu

My mom sent this to me in an email a few years ago...I find it humorous and fitting.

I will seek and find you

I shall take you to bed and have my way with you.

I will make you ache, shake & sweat until you moan & groan.

I will make you beg for mercy, beg for me to stop.

I will exhaust you to the point that you will be relieved when I'm
finished with you.

And, when I am finished, you will be weak for days.

All my love,
*The Flu*

So in case you haven't figured it out yet...I have the Flu. Surprise! Yesterday at work I started feeling really sick and had to leave early. I started puking around 8:30pm last night and was throwing up literally every 5 minutes for about 5 hours. It was awful. I was camped out in the bathroom for the whole night. I think I am doing better... I tried to eat some chicken noodle soup for lunch and that quickly came up. But the good news is I haven't thrown up since about 7pm! and I have an appetite! I'm super hungry but too scared to eat anything besides jello.

I have the best husband in the world! He didn't leave my side once the whole time I was throwing up except for when I asked him to get me things. He sat beside me and rubbed my back as I barfed in the toilet. When I finally felt better and decided to move to the bed instead of the bathroom floor he put a bowl next to the bed because I was too weak to quickly run the 5 steps it takes to get to the toilet from our bed. And he emptied and cleaned that gross bowl after every use. And he held me as I cried from being so sick of being sick even though I'm almost positive I had vomit in my hair and stunk horribly of puke and sweat. And he told his work he wasn't coming in because he had to take care of his sick wife. And the best part...late last night when I was convinced I was going to die from either barfing up my actual insides or dehydration because I couldn't even keep a sip of gatorade or water down with out it immediately coming back up... he called up his dad to come over and help him give me a priesthood blessing. I'm so grateful to have a worthy priesthood holder husband. I've never had the priesthood in my house before and it's a nice change! My husband is so great!

He's making me some rice right now I think I might be able to keep it down! Wish me luck!

P.S. did anyone watch The Office last night? Jim and Pam's cute secret wedding made me bawl my eyes out!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

rec center

So I was thinking of all my wonderful rec center stories... I'd like to share a few of my favorites.

This lady came in one day because she had a meeting with one of the Managers Cory. Well Cory is not known for his...punctuality or remembering things for that matter. So naturally she was upset but she took it to the extreme. She demanded to see Cory's supervisor. Of course the day she came in all of the managers were gone ALL 4 of them. She kept saying she needed to talk to Cory's supervisor and I kept saying "John is not here. He is out of town."
Lady: "Well who is John's supervisor?"
Me: "John, is our executive director he is it."
Lady: (screaming) "There has to be someone above him!"
Me: "I'm sorry but there's not, John is the guy in charge of the whole rec center."

more of this went on

Lady: "I want both John and Cory's home phone numbers! I need to talk to someone now!"
Me: "I'm sorry it's against our policy to give out employees personal information."
Lady: is now livid and screaming at me about my incompetence
Me: "I'm sorry all I can do is offer you their voice mails"
Lady: more screaming about my incompetence
Me: "If you want to leave a voice mail I can help you. Other than that there is nothing I can do" and I walk away.

She eventually came back and asked for the voice mails and apologized for her actions.

When I worked the morning shift 4:45am-9am most of the time people are pleasant. Well actually they don't talk to you. No one is awake. Except, one morning....

These 2 guys came in about 6:30am and came up to me to check in for the racquetball court reservation.
Man: "We're here to check in for our 7am racquetball reservation"
Me: "Ok well you are a little early..." (I was about to say, 'but your court is actually available now if you guys want to go up there early' but he immediately cuts me off)
Man: (in the rudest most condescending voice possible) "I know! I'm not stupid. I can tell time."
Me: (I just stare at him in disbelief and in my least friendly voice.) "Court 5"

The men proceed to scan their cards and the rude man's card doesn't work so he stomps over to me and says "This happens everytime! This is ridiculous!" along with other mean things...
Me: "let me take a look at your account."
man: "will you just buzz me in and let me go to my court!?"
Me: "No... It'll take just a minute."
The man acts all put out. I look up his account anyway and see that something is wrong with his expiration date and I fix it.
Me: still in my unfriendly tone "it's fixed now."
He scans his card and goes on his way. Then I very immaturely look up his account again and put his membership on hold with the reason as "JERK!" probably shouldn't tell my work that....

And last but not least...another racquetball incident...this happened last night. First let me give background really fast. At my work you can't reserve 2 racquetball courts under the same name name at the same time. You can call back and give another name but you're not supposed to reserve 2 courts in one phone call.

man: "we have 2 courts reserved at 6pm for Allred"
So I cross off the first court under allred.
me: we only have one court for Allred. whats the other name it could be under?"
man:(annoyed and talking slow like i am stupid) "no... we... have... 2 courts... under... all-red"
me: "right. I only have one court reserved for allred. What is the other name?"
man: (even more annoyed) "There is no other name."
me: "we don't reserve 2 courts for the same name. Let me show me show you... (i show him the book) is it...Ryan, Jenkins, or Kim?"
man: "Oh yeah...Ryan."

I love my job. ha. Just remember people who work at front desks don't make the rules. And 98% of the time it's not their fault and they usually know what they are talking about :)

Saturday, October 3, 2009

work work work!

It's only like 10am ish Saturday morning and my weekend already sucks. I have been/will be husbandless all weekend :( My great and stupendous husband is working ALL FREAKIN WEEKEN...D. I'm sorry I wanted it to rhyme.... He has 3 jobs! 1-2-3! Granted it's only 1 full time job, one is seasonal but the "season" is like 6-7 months long (Jr. Jazz and it just started... lame), and the other one is random work he does with the Church Office Building catering, he does it every conference and usually at least once or twice more during the year. I'm really grateful that he works so hard for me it just sucks that come conference weekend I barely see him. This being our 3rd conference together I should be used to it but I'm not. He worked his regular job yesterday at 8am and got off early at 1pm and went straight to the Church Office Building and didn't get home until 9:30 and then had to wake up and leave at 3:40am to be back to the church office building by 4am...and will come home at 9:30pm and do it all over again tomorrow. L-A-M-E.

I miss him and his gross camera faces.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

no one knows

I got my necklace in the mail today!!!! super cute! worth my money! and definitely nice that she was offering free shipping for the month of september! You should check the lady out who made my necklace at Etsy. BelaKoiDesigns. I think her stuff is really unique and totally cute! Anywho... not what I was thinking about blogging about. I was just SUPER excited.

Last night I was watching the movie Blood Diamond. If you haven't seen it I sincerely recommend it. Even though the story line of the movie is fictional I think it's incredibly eye opening to a very real situation. It makes me so grateful to live in the U.S. we really do have it good here and sometimes I think a lot of people complain about our country unnecessarily. Even though I've seen the movie before, a line in the movie really struck me....

"No one knows which path will lead him to God."

The context in which the line was said was while Leonardo DiCaprio's character was talking to a man who had taken in victim children of the wars going on in the country. These children had horrible things done to them, many of the children had missing limbs or even had done terrible things because they were forced to join the rebel armies. These kids had been brain washed and had killed men, women and children or cut off the limbs of others. I know the movie is fictional and the man who spoke the line (the man who had taken in the children) is also fictional but I believe there are people out there who truly believe and have faith like him. Bad things happen to good people and people can do horrible things. But that's what is so beautiful about the atonement. You can return to Heavenly Father. I do believe that we go through certain things and trials in our life to draw ourselves closer to God. I also know it sounds so contradictory to say that sometimes people do things that are wrong possibly to become closer God. It is a very fine line. It has to be. But I also believe that some people need to learn things the hard way. For whatever reason it may be. I'm not even going to pretend I know why. I just look at it this way... In the beginning, Adam and Eve were commanded two things..."multiply and replenish earth and don't eat the apple. But here's the catch you can't keep the first commandment without breaking the second." Well something to that effect. I'm not a seminary teacher give me break!

I'm not looking into getting into a big debate about whether or not people sin for a reason. It's all confusing and something I don't think I'll ever comprehend. And I believe it's an incredibly FINE line. I just like that quote a lot, "No one knows which path will lead him to God." So we shouldn't judge. We don't know where people have been and we don't know where they are going. All we can do is love them and encourage them to head in the right direction and trust that Heavenly Father knows what he doing.... Definitely a goal I should work on :)

Sunday, September 27, 2009


I'm feeling rather ambitious today. I'm not sure why...probably because I've had time to rest and relax today. Troy and I barely got to see each other this week because we've both been so busy! And this weekend has been jam packed as well! Friday I worked an 11 1/2 hour day..that was a long day. Then Saturday Troy worked an 11 hour day as well. Today we both decided we just wanted to rest and actually BE with each other so we ditched church and have laid around in our PJ's all day! it was great until about 2pm when I started getting antsy from lack of activity. So I made us go out for a walk to Millcreek Junior High where we "played" football. It was more "see if we can make it passed each other to the 10 yard line" needless to say I didn't make it to the 10 yard line once.

Back to ambition...I want to open my own business! Don't ask me what I want to do though. I have no idea, I just think it would be great. I think I'm feeling this way because I have regenerated enough to think passed homework and work AND because I'm scared I'll never graduate at the rate I'm I need a back up plan in case no one wants to hire me because I become a college drop out.

I just need to invent something cool. and then KA-POW! I'll be rich and famous and all of y'all will be name droppin "I knew her before she was famous."

I can't sleep.

Troy is fast asleep ON not IN our bed. Poor boy worked all day on his day off! He's so great. So I can't sleep and I'm browsing (which I love) and decided...

i'm getting this.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Limp Bizkit Song.

I will refrain from the actual lyrics of the limp bizkit song I'm thinking of because they are pretty crude.....I'm having one of those days where everything bugs me. Where the slightest sarcastic comment from my husband makes me want to cry. School and work feel daunting and overwhelming. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with today. Today has been pretty normal. Woke up at 6am. Went to school. Got there ON TIME. Went to work. Came home. Did homework. Went back to work. Came home and KA-POW! bad mood. Guess that's what happens when you are a girl.


Saturday, September 19, 2009

I wrote him

Remember how I told you guys that Troy and I wrote "Adam West" joking about his rude comment and then asked "How is California?"

Well, Adam West wrote back. Saying something stupid about me again. And completely ignoring our California question. Which only some how confirms even more to me that this "Adam West" is in fact X. I think that if Adam West is some weirdo stranger who likes to add strangers on facebook make fun of their wives and pretend they are "old friends" then he would go along with the California story...Saying at least SOMETHING about California. Like "it's great." Or "I don't live there." I could be wrong. I've never been in this situation...

Troy didn't want to give X the satisfaction of anything. Troy is obviously the bigger person in this situation. But I've seriously been the bigger person for almost 2 years! And I'm just plain annoyed. So I got on my very own facebook account and wrote "Adam West." Tell me what you think....

You are pathetic. I don't know what you are thinking still hanging around. We've been broken up for almost TWO YEARS. I've tried to be nothing but cordial with you. You have issues. So stop calling. Stop texting. Leave my friends alone (i.e. Michelle). Leave me alone. Leave Troy alone. Even if you ever SINCERELY feeling like apologizing (unlike your last phone call)...DON'T. Because I don't want to talk to you. Ever. If you were sincere you'd be gone by now. I don't care what you are doing with your life. I will never call your "business line." I don't care if you become the next Bill Gates and I end up living on street. I will never ask myself "What if?" I am the happiest I have ever been. Not even you can take that away from me. So go away. Grow up. Stop acting like a complete psycho and do something with your life.

So? What do you think??? I wanted to tell him off without sinking to his level. I had very VERY many choice words to say. Yet, I refrained.

Why do I get the odd feeling that I may have just opened Pandora's Box? Suppose it's too late...

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Before I start this post I must first say that I know about stalking. I am a self proclaimed creep. I am a Facebook stalker a blog stalker and on rare occasions if I'm really bored a myspace stalker. I don't really ever stalk with a purpose I just look at all the people I went to high school with or knew..or know from somewhere. HOWEVER...

I'm pretty convinced Troy and I have a stalker. Like an actual super creepy stalker. And I think that stalker comes in the form of my ex-boyfriend. Here's why...

Let's first give back ground. The stalker we will call X. X and I dated for a year and half. We talked very seriously about getting married. Looked at rings. Had a date (a very far off in the distance date) I started looking at venues...blah blah blah. Then I went WTF? what am I doing? I can't marry this guy. We are completely incompatible. our relationship was bad. We weren't always the nicest people to each other. We were drama. and that's all I will say. so i broke up with him in November of 2007. Needless to say he didn't take it very well. He kept finding ways to weasel in to my life. And my guilty conscious let him for a while.

In march of 2008 I met troy and basically became smitten for life. Yet that darn X kept trying to weasel back in. Like one time he got in a car accident. He calls me bawling (he cried a lot) saying there was no one else to get him. What was I supposed to do? I have a heart. Only to find out later he just wanted to see me. Then in June shortly after the car accident incident. I told him I wanted him out of my life forever. I wanted Troy and I to be serious and in order for that to happen he had to be gone. He was cool about it. I finally thought he was gone....

Then in October after 4 months of no communication he randomly shows up at my house just to say hi.

A few weeks after that he starts calling. ALL THE TIME. I never answer. One day I left my phone at home and I had 17 missed calls from him. 17! not to mention 5 text messages and 2 from his sister asking me to call him. I get on my email and i have 3 emails from him as well! So I agreed to talk to him to get him to stop calling, emailing, texting, etc...before he made another house visit. I told him I would only talk to him over MSN I didn't want to talk over the phone or in person. So we talk and he wants to be friends again. I say no. Troy and I started talking marriage. And a friendship between X and myself wouldn't be right. He then proceeds to call me every name in the book and signs off MSN.

some time after the MSN incident he starts texting me gross things. I ignore him. He goes away.

a month or 2 after that he starts texting me again saying he knows I have some of his stuff and wants it back and he'll come get it if he has to and is just plain rude. I know what he's talking about so I immediately take it to his grandma's house who lives a few blocks from me. Text him and say. "it's at your grandmas." He then proceeds to say all of these rude things to me about me cheating on him blah blah blah. I keep ignoring him until he says something that just sends me over the top and I write back (i still remember it exactly) "Stop acting like you are so innocent you cheated on me too. Get over yourself. Leave me alone." He got the reaction he wanted...he keeps texting me. I ignore him again. Troy finally gets off work and I show him the texts. So now troy gets involved and texts him to please leave me alone. more texting happens and suddenly X is threatening Troy and saying that he has been taking steroids and now has 36in biceps...I don't know about you guys but 36 inches is bigger than around my waist. SEE HOW CRAZY HE IS? When i broke up with him he was 6'5" and way in hell his arms are/were ever/will ever be that big.

a month after that X runs in to Michelle's ex boyfriend Ben. Ben gives X Michelle number and he starts texting her asking why am I getting married. That was around April ish maybe?

I hadn't heard from him forever and I thought maybe he was finally done. We'd been broken up for 21 months. As recently as AUGUST....I get a phone call from a number I don't recognize. With a weird area code. I answer. it's X calling to apologize about being a douche bag. Saying he's happy for me. a bunch of BS if you ask me. He didn't sound sincere in his apology at all. Telling me to call him any time. (yeah right). I finally think maybe he is done. UNTIL...


a few days ago Troy gets a friend request on facebook from an Adam West. This Adam doesn't have a picture. Troy thinking "well maybe I do know him or maybe Leslie knows him" so he adds him back. A few days later this Adam person writes a comment on one of Troy's pictures. That just happens to be a picture of the 2 of us. The comment is rude. It is about me. And said things that a stranger would not know. Troy showed me the comment and then we deleted it. My's X. I would not put it passed him to make a fake facebook just so he could keep tabs on us. I'm sure there is a possibility that it could just be some weird coincidence. But I just get this weird feeling it is not. We wrote him a message back joking about his rude comment (like troy and this Adam west were old friends) and then wrote "how is California?" Which is where X is apparently currently living according to his surprise phone call last month.

I will keep you updated on the stalker thing.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


So I think I might die of exhaustion. I'm so sick of studying for stupid stupid tests! I have 2 tests tomorrow. and a paper due on Friday. BLEH. I need sleep and I need a shower. Neither of which I really want to do. Maybe I'm just a completely gross person but I really hate showering. It's so annoying why can't I be clean and smell good all the time?

I wish troy would get back from basketball already...i miss him.
total amount of time I've seen him today: about 45 minutes. Around 20 minutes this morning before I left for school at 6:50am. And again for about 25 minutes between the time he got home and left for basketball. 45 minutes in the past 15 hours? that is sad. And we'll probably go to bed in about an hour. So I'll see him for about 2 hours in a 24 hour day...lame. I sure do like him :)

Friday, September 11, 2009


Yay I have followers! go sarah and shelly! and just for the record mallory and lisa...I never told anyone because...I can't remember why. Mostly because I think I got lazy and forgot. But Shelly knew I had a blog. So...blame shelly for not informing you or something like that. I don't know how to do anything cool with my those lists to the right side of all the people you "read" and are your "friends" to show how "popular" you are. So someone tell me how to do those. That would be great.


Troy and I finally got the internet. So now i can blog ALL the time. yay! be stoked. because i have lots of stuff to say...(not really. if there is a way to show sarcasm on a should also tell me how to do so)

So not that anyone knows who Max is other than the little boy I do therapy with...He was so great today. I swear I fall more in love with that kid every day. I accidently gave him my cold. sad. and he was all sniffly and such but he was such a trooper and made me laugh. I've only worked with him for 2 months but already I can see the progress he has made. His language has gone WAY WAY up. He says my name now and asks for things and imitates me and I swear there are days when he's imitating me because he's making fun of something I said. His mom says that Steve (the main therapist) says that Max will be ready for pre-school come May. And then we get to take him to pre-school and be his aid. How fun would that be???

I wish I had something funny and clever to write...but I don't. And I can hear my neighbors...gross. That is my que to leave and turn up the tv really loud and watch Fighting. Oh...Channing Tatum take me away...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

To do lists

So I've decided I suck at life. Ok maybe not. I mean I live and breath and everything. I just have way too much on my plate right now. I work 2 jobs, go to school full time and I am trying to get this position as a Research Assistant to this virtual reality experiment going on at school. Which who knows if I'll get because I can't ever seem to get a hold of the Professor and then she emails 5 days later saying I can meet today at 1pm and then I don't get the email until 1:30....It's annoying. But maybe I shouldnt do the whole RA thing I'm already stressed as it is. I got in to the nutrition online class I was wanting to get in to. HOLY CRAP. it requires way more work than I'm willing (ok wanting) to put in. I did finally submit my first assignment today though! 2 days before the deadline. Thats not quite procrastinating right? Even though I have known about it for 2 weeks....

Troy and I are finally getting internet AND cable. WOOHOO! reality tv (but mostly GREY'S ANATOMY) HERE I COME!

what was i talking about again? right. to do lists. I have too many things to do.
  1. nutrition research assignment
  2. get RA job
  3. work with max
  4. work at the rec center
  5. read 11 pages of spanish
  6. read 3 chapters of nutrition
  7. do nutrition study guides
  8. go to costco
  9. cognitive psych discussion
  10. watch the office
  11. blog (check!)
  12. read 2 chapters about the brain for drugs and behavior
Alright thats only 12 things but all that reading sucks. it's going to take me HOURS.

and now i can't figure out what is wrong with my font....drat. and last but not least....figure out how to work this darn blog.

13 things. ugh.

Friday, August 28, 2009


I've been wanting a hobby for a long time. I mean I HAVE HOBBIES. But none of which I think of as hobbies that people find acceptable as an answer to when someone asks "What are your hobbies?" Like I don't think I love reality television is an acceptable hobby. There is shopping but that's so....cliche. I like to sing. No i love to sing. But then when I tell people this they think that I'm like a superb singer (which i'm ok but not superb) ask me to join ward choir (which I'm not interested in) or have even asked me to sing for them (which I just will not do). Singing in front of people is like one of my greatest fears. I hate it. i get all sweaty and my voice shakes like crazy. I could say blogging. Then people might ask what my blog is...and find out I'm not funny and have horrible grammar. Or that I really don't blog often enough to call it a hobby.

I've tried cooking. Which I enjoy but I don't think I enjoy it enough to call it a hobby. I really like to read but then people ask me what I've read and I haven't read anything of noteworthy-ness. I don't read the classics. I find them boring. I tried to read Oliver Twist once i made it to like page 10. I've seen the movies Sense and Sensibility and Pride and Prejudice. Both of which I thought were horribly dull. I suppose it could be the acting...or the director who unfortunately made them dull but they've already been ruined. I've read Harry Potter and Twilight...but even people who don't like to read have read those. I just read weird books from the library with titles that intrigue me. I find myself reading books that have now become movies. I like to read but I never know what to read. So I figure if it's good enough to be a movie it's probably a good read. I'm currently reading a book titled "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society" (courtesy of my book worm mom) It's pretty great. It's about WWII one of my absolute favorite topics.

I've stumbled upon a hobby that I think I might enjoy and I think is an acceptable hobby. Beading. I know it sounds lame but I want to make jewelry. I enjoy using the right side of my brain (or is it the left?) well let's just say the creative side of my brain. At Troy's family reunion his aunt brought a long the biggest collection of beads i have ever seen. And she let everyone make a bracelet. I loved it! And everyone gave me all of these compliments saying "Wow, Leslie you are so creative!" "That is so cute!" "I love those color combinations!" "You should think of making jewelry!" His aunt even let me make 2 bracelets! and I love them both. And I started to really consider it. In fact it's been on my mind for about a month now. I just haven't started because it costs quite a bit of money to get started. I keep looking at all of these awesome beads on ebay and other websites and thinking of all these ideas for necklaces, bracelets and earrings!

I really think it would be fun. But I should go. It's 3:45pm and I've done nothing with my life today.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

summer so far.

Troy and I have been married for almost 3 whole months! I've said it a hundred times before but i loooove marriage! Actually I think I just love being married to troy. He's great. I think we've both got these crazy personalities that just match. we always burst out into random dancing and just do weird things. We're going camping this weekend. I'm sorta excited. I'm afraid it's going to be like last year and I'm going to freeze to death. At least this year troy and I get to share a tent :) unlike last year when I had to sleep in the trailor with his parents. School starts soon and I can't find a last class. I need to email a teacher and ask if it's alright to join an already filled to capacity class...i'm praying she says yes. or else i don't know what to do with the rest of my classes. I can't change my schedule anymore because of work. so it has to be an online class. and the two online classes that i wanted to take are full. LAME. I feel like I have a lame life right now. I don't have anything new to report. Except i got a new job working with a little boy who has autism. I do therapy with him 4 times a week. His name is Max and he is so adorable. He's almost 3. It's hard work and I don't really love it but its given me a lot of experience already and new view on autism and parenting and many other things. It's really cool to teach him new things and to finally see him get something and just watch him progress. He's incredibly smart. It's definitely a good job for right now. but not forever. All I've done this summer is work pretty much. I am definitely pasty white haven't seen much sun. So thats my life.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

marriage: one month

So troy and i are FINALLY married! FINALLY. We've been married for just barely over a month now. It's been amazing! I love being married and getting to spend as much time as humanly possible with my new husband. He's already proved to be the worlds greatest husband. Our new apartment is cute. small. but cute :) And I definitely have my qualms with it or whatever that word is. But It's actually pretty nice for a first apartment. I don't know how a family of 4 (maybe it was 5) lived in there for 5 years before we did. I got mad at troy for something when we very first moved in and i had no where to hide. i ended up sitting on the bathtub for 5 minutes to try to be a lone and then he had to use the bathroom. It is a two bedroom house but as of the moment the "spare room" has turned in to "i have no idea where to put this" room. and it's filled with boxes and random stuff. Our bedroom closet is TINY. Here let me demonstrate this better...TINY. I basically crammed everything i could in there. We have 4 closets which sounds nice but 3 of them are TINY and one is pretty big but it's in our storage/laundry room and it's not really a closet. they pretty much just put bar to hang stuff on in their. Troy has the BIG closet and one little closet in the spare room. I have the closet in the bedroom but he gets the shelf on top and i have to share the other closet in the spare room with a bunch of boxes. Troy also took one of my chest of drawers. I currently have a big pile of clean folded clothes on top of my drawers because i have no where to put my clothes.

Our kitchen is nice and decent sized. Except we have no dishwasher...except for me. Ok that's a lie. Troy washes the dishes and i dry them. I hate washing. It grosses me out. And I try not to think about all of the bacteria growing on my dishes now because i think hand washing isn't very sanitary. I tried cooking chicken the first week we moved in...bad idea. All I kept thinking was salmonella (is that how you spell it?) Oh and our oven is interesting... it only sometimes warms up your food. It's a really old oven so if you need to cook anything above 400 degrees like say a frozen's rather difficult. Any temperature above 400 is set to broil. Broiling a frozen pizza doesn't really work. So we've had to learn to adjust temperatures when cooking. And it' still not quite working. sometimes even when cook something at a typical 350 degrees we still have to add like 10 minutes to the time. Our microwave also doesn't work normally. You can't hit any of the preset buttons like "popcorn" the screen will start flashing "F 5" and the beeper starts howling like a crazy person and then turn off. But luckily for us we can manually type in our time. We've pretty much decided stove top cooking is our best option.

But it's a pretty nice place all in all. Except that we can hear up stairs perfectly. Like during the day when they're not home I can H-E-A-R their answering machine. Like actually hear what the person leaving a message is saying. Either they have the loudest answering machine on earth or the insulation sucks. I'm pretty sure it's the insulation. And I'm pretty sure they can hear us ALL the time. But that's not really my fault. They own the place. If they want to not be able to hear whats going on in our private time they.can.FIX.IT!.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

4 days!

Self explanatory. I'M GETTING MARRIED IN FOUR DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is nuts. I never thought the day would come. That sounds wrong. I just mean the day always seemed so far away...and now it's in 4 days! i love troy. Here is a sneak preview of me and my sexy soon to be husband in our wedding attire!!! Can't believe it's almost here!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

true friends

These past few months have been quite eye opening for me. I think getting married does that to a person. I've had so much to get done and a lot of it has been not fun. When you're actually planning a wedding the realization of "this is way more than just picking a dress, a location and a cake" It's too much for one person to handle so I've relied on some friends. Some have done the dirty work for me and others who I know have very busy lives and live far away have been more emotional support. I am so grateful for my true friends. I've also come to the harsh realization (more of a reality i've been denying for quite sometime) that someone who I have considered to be one of my closest friends for quite some time now...just isn't friend material. I feel as if I've given her chance after chance and excuse after excuse. I've even had other friends ask me how i've put up with this bull shit for so long. And my answer: I have no idea.
I've felt like I've been a good friend to her. I was there during some pretty tough times and yet I still think she only want to be my friend when it is convenient for her. This person has caused more hurt than a friend should. And I don't think I can allow them to be in my life any longer.

On the brightside. I have great true friends. Friends who have taken me to the doctor when I was sick. Listened to me when I was sad. Dropped whatever they were doing to help me out in my moment of crisis. I love them. I know I can count on them and these friends will be life long. I've had a few crappy friends (but honestly who hasn't?) I think in the long run I've lucked out. I have some of the greatest friends in the WORLD. And I hope i can be just as good of a friend to them as they have been to me :)

Monday, May 4, 2009

mind reading

It looks like i wrote 2 posts today but technically one of them was written at like 2am. so to me that was last night :)

So i'm one of those women who falls in to the majority who think that men should read my mind. i.e. i'm upset about something, you better figure out what it is and respond properly. Which almost never happens. And you can't tell them...or say "I want you to be supportive and do this____________" because then it leaves you wondering 'are they really doing that because they want to? or because they want me to shut up?' And in complete honesty it's probably both.

But would it seriously kill them to say "i'm sorry you're so stressed about _________ I can understand why you are stressed. That must be difficult. Is there anything I can help you with?"


"Well just don't stress out about it!"

Thank you. because I've obviously never thought about that. You have changed me. The car insurance will pay itself. My teacher will give me an A because he thinks I deserve it. And a great job with a flexible schedule and good pay will fall in to my lap. Thank you for your all knowing wisdom.
In a perfect world I would think this way.

I actually like to think that I stay pretty calm about things. Or maybe it's because I have several friends who are insanely neurotic so I think I'm more on the sane side. I honestly try not to stress out about things. I don't like to feel stressed. I don't want to be stressed. I tell myself it'll all be ok and work out. And then all these things happen at once and the whole "grain of rice that tipped the scale" thing happens. And I find myself in the above situation stressed and frustrated and just plain pissed off. It doesn't help that I'm supposed to start my period on wednesday either. FREAKING HORMONES. I seriously just feel like crawling in to a whole right now. Stupid finals week. Why am I going to college again?

2 1/2 weeks

I can't sleep again. I get married in 2 1/2 weeks. CRAAAAZYYY! Troy and i spend every waking moment of our free time together. So when it's time to go to bed and part sucks. I can't sleep. I'm excited it's so close though! I just have a few more details and i think we'll be set! Just please...SERIOUSLY pray for good weather. It's been raining insane crazy lately. I'm pretty sure I live in a desert...but we must be in monsoon season or something. it's nuts! Stupid unpredictable utah weather.

In really super great news: I GOT AN A ON MY RESEARCH FINAL! and an A- on my research paper. i pretty much rock. I'm pretty confident I'll be getting a good grade in that class (the class i thought would be my hardest) I never got anything lower than a B+ on anything in that class.

In super sucky news: apparently my Survey of Jazz teacher had a typo in the syllabus and I missed my last jazz performance I had to go to for my last jazz report. Awesome. it's not even my fault. So I think the class that I thought i would do my BEST in is actually the class i'm going to do my worst in. sucks. So I'll probably end up with like a C in that class my freaking intro lower division class and around an A- in my upper division really hard class. Something is wrong with this picture.

Random Ranting: If you do not want to work...QUIT YOUR FREAKING JOB! Don't call me 2 hours before your shift EVERY WEEKEND asking me to work for you. stop it. seriously. You request to work the saturday evening shift and every other sunday every month (i saw your schedule requests) so don't whine about not having a social life. You never work when you are there anyway. I haven't complained to any of the managers because I don't want to get stuck working your shifts. we all have our days when we just REALLY don't want to work. i understand the occasional slackerness but yours is every shift. And stop coming to work drunk. If you don't want to be there that badly...just quit. You make more money at your other job anyway.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

So I have Blog! wahoo! hip! hip! HOORAY! ok so it's not that exciting. and I can't figure out how to make my blog cute. I'm working on that. I feel now as if i should go on some big blog rant. What could i rant about today? idea. I've been thinking about getting a blog for a while. Well a public one. I have a private blog that i've had for...4 years I think? I just use it as a journal to say all the things I don't want people to know I think about. Which sounds crazy I know. But you know you ALL have weird thoughts. And sometimes you need a place to write them down so you can work them out. And I hate writing in journals. It makes my hand hurt. Especially when I have a lot on my mind. Plus i type really fast and I am on the computer all day. Too bad the computer doesn't emit UV rays. I'd be one tan chica!

But sometimes I think about things and think...that would be a good blog story. That's slightly humorous. I love blog stalking people I know. Especially people I went to high school with. I love learning about things in peoples lives and i haven't seen/talked to them in years. And in fact they weren't even my friend. I'm a creeper. I will whole heartedly admit that.

so if i don't know you and you're reading this. it's cool. i do it too. i think we're all a bit creepy. Why else would they have invented the internet?

Things I'm excited about:
1. School is almost out. ONE MORE FINAL.
2. I get married in exactly 3 WEEKS!
3. I CAN SLEEP IN TOMORROW. praise.the.heavens.
4. I'm going to take a nap. and then figure out how to make this thing cute-ish.