Wednesday, March 23, 2011

feeling single

My husband left me yesterday. Ok, not left me, left me. He left for a mountain biking trip and will return Saturday. Hopefully in one piece... or maybe not. He did leave me for the rest of the week.

I don't do well by myself. I hate every second of it. Which is weird. Being an only child I feel like maybe I should be able handle my husband being gone for 4 days. Alas, I am a needy people person. I may have gotten a little over emotional the night before he left when I thought about having to sleep alone for the next 3 nights.

I pray Saturday comes quickly.

Single parenting really isn't my style.

Monday, March 21, 2011

photo post

Since my computer problems are fixed. I'm finally able to put up the pictures of Izzie from my camera. Here she is from 3 days to 2 months. You can see how much she's changed!

3 days old

napping with dad

wrinkly newborn baby feet

8 days old

rocker baby, 2 weeks

3 weeks old

first day of church, 4 weeks old

church again, 5 weeks

fresh from the bath in our monster towel, 5 weeks

smiling in her sleep, 6 weeks

bear suit


she is the prettiest baby!

tummy time!

another bear suit

this is what happens when I leave Izzie alone with dad and a dry erase marker...

more nap time with dad

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

my poor (chunky) baby

Today Izzie went to the doctor for her two month check up. The doctor is very impressed with her development. He commented on her "very good eye contact" and he was impressed with how chatty she is. She weighed in at a whopping 13lbs (93%) 23in for height (71%) and her head is in the 92%. She is a growing baby!

and then she got shots. boo.

She cried and had BIG tears. She's never cried with tears before. I can tell she doesn't feel good now. She's been crying on and off all day. I'm letting her sleep a lot. Hopefully I don't regret this tonight. When I picked her up to change her I forgot and touched her sore leg. She started crying again. I felt so bad. I almost started crying too.

We (Izzie and I) hate shots.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Isabel: two months

Oh my little munchkin!

You have grown so much this pass month. At six weeks we had to start putting you in your three month clothes because I could no longer squeeze you in to your newborn clothes. You're becoming quite the chunk and I'm loving all of your little rolls and dimples.

Your smiling, oohing and aahing is an every day thing now. You talk and smile so much. Often times I find you smiling and talking to yourself in your crib. You especially love talking to your dad when he comes home from work. You've also started to giggle in your sleep and I wonder all of the time what you could possibly be dreaming about. When you're awake you try to laugh. You will get a big smile on your face and do a quick "Ha!"

You're sleeping a little better at night but I'm still longing for the days when you'll sleep through the night. You have also started to sleep in your own room this month.

I love how you recognize mine and your dads voices. If someone else is holding you and you hear one of our voices you immediately turn your head to look for us. And as of today you have officially discovered your right hand. You keep bringing your hand to your mouth to suck on it, where as before if you ever sucked on your fingers it was by accident.

You keep learning, growing and getting more cute every day! We love you so much.

Here you are today on your 2 month birthday!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Scary Movies

I used to LOVE scary movies. I remember back in junior high school going to Top Hat with my best friend Bekah and renting scary movies every weekend. As I got older and in high school I started loving scary movies for a different reason. It gave me an excuse to snuggle up close to a cute boy.
Now that I'm married and I don't need an excuse to cuddle with my husband I've tried to avoid scary movies. I think we've watched a total of 3 scary movies since we've been married. Saturday night Troy made me watch the scariest movie I've ever seen. Call me a baby... whatever. But movies that could actually happen in real life freak me out the most.

The past 2 nights I've spent jumping at every creak and pop our house has made imagining there are 3 masked murders waiting to jump out and kill my family.
Good job movie maker people, you officially freaked me out.