Thursday, October 8, 2009

rec center

So I was thinking of all my wonderful rec center stories... I'd like to share a few of my favorites.

This lady came in one day because she had a meeting with one of the Managers Cory. Well Cory is not known for his...punctuality or remembering things for that matter. So naturally she was upset but she took it to the extreme. She demanded to see Cory's supervisor. Of course the day she came in all of the managers were gone ALL 4 of them. She kept saying she needed to talk to Cory's supervisor and I kept saying "John is not here. He is out of town."
Lady: "Well who is John's supervisor?"
Me: "John, is our executive director he is it."
Lady: (screaming) "There has to be someone above him!"
Me: "I'm sorry but there's not, John is the guy in charge of the whole rec center."

more of this went on

Lady: "I want both John and Cory's home phone numbers! I need to talk to someone now!"
Me: "I'm sorry it's against our policy to give out employees personal information."
Lady: is now livid and screaming at me about my incompetence
Me: "I'm sorry all I can do is offer you their voice mails"
Lady: more screaming about my incompetence
Me: "If you want to leave a voice mail I can help you. Other than that there is nothing I can do" and I walk away.

She eventually came back and asked for the voice mails and apologized for her actions.

When I worked the morning shift 4:45am-9am most of the time people are pleasant. Well actually they don't talk to you. No one is awake. Except, one morning....

These 2 guys came in about 6:30am and came up to me to check in for the racquetball court reservation.
Man: "We're here to check in for our 7am racquetball reservation"
Me: "Ok well you are a little early..." (I was about to say, 'but your court is actually available now if you guys want to go up there early' but he immediately cuts me off)
Man: (in the rudest most condescending voice possible) "I know! I'm not stupid. I can tell time."
Me: (I just stare at him in disbelief and in my least friendly voice.) "Court 5"

The men proceed to scan their cards and the rude man's card doesn't work so he stomps over to me and says "This happens everytime! This is ridiculous!" along with other mean things...
Me: "let me take a look at your account."
man: "will you just buzz me in and let me go to my court!?"
Me: "No... It'll take just a minute."
The man acts all put out. I look up his account anyway and see that something is wrong with his expiration date and I fix it.
Me: still in my unfriendly tone "it's fixed now."
He scans his card and goes on his way. Then I very immaturely look up his account again and put his membership on hold with the reason as "JERK!" probably shouldn't tell my work that....

And last but not least...another racquetball incident...this happened last night. First let me give background really fast. At my work you can't reserve 2 racquetball courts under the same name name at the same time. You can call back and give another name but you're not supposed to reserve 2 courts in one phone call.

man: "we have 2 courts reserved at 6pm for Allred"
So I cross off the first court under allred.
me: we only have one court for Allred. whats the other name it could be under?"
man:(annoyed and talking slow like i am stupid) "no... we... have... 2 courts... under... all-red"
me: "right. I only have one court reserved for allred. What is the other name?"
man: (even more annoyed) "There is no other name."
me: "we don't reserve 2 courts for the same name. Let me show me show you... (i show him the book) is it...Ryan, Jenkins, or Kim?"
man: "Oh yeah...Ryan."

I love my job. ha. Just remember people who work at front desks don't make the rules. And 98% of the time it's not their fault and they usually know what they are talking about :)

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  1. i work at the front desk at my work and people can be SO RUDE but then still expect you to be nice when they need something from you. the worst is when u get a pissy person who wants to talk to someone that is unavailable or not there ... the worst is a mother that just keeps calling back and wont leave VMs. LAME PEOPLE!!!