Friday, September 11, 2009


Yay I have followers! go sarah and shelly! and just for the record mallory and lisa...I never told anyone because...I can't remember why. Mostly because I think I got lazy and forgot. But Shelly knew I had a blog. So...blame shelly for not informing you or something like that. I don't know how to do anything cool with my those lists to the right side of all the people you "read" and are your "friends" to show how "popular" you are. So someone tell me how to do those. That would be great.


Troy and I finally got the internet. So now i can blog ALL the time. yay! be stoked. because i have lots of stuff to say...(not really. if there is a way to show sarcasm on a should also tell me how to do so)

So not that anyone knows who Max is other than the little boy I do therapy with...He was so great today. I swear I fall more in love with that kid every day. I accidently gave him my cold. sad. and he was all sniffly and such but he was such a trooper and made me laugh. I've only worked with him for 2 months but already I can see the progress he has made. His language has gone WAY WAY up. He says my name now and asks for things and imitates me and I swear there are days when he's imitating me because he's making fun of something I said. His mom says that Steve (the main therapist) says that Max will be ready for pre-school come May. And then we get to take him to pre-school and be his aid. How fun would that be???

I wish I had something funny and clever to write...but I don't. And I can hear my neighbors...gross. That is my que to leave and turn up the tv really loud and watch Fighting. Oh...Channing Tatum take me away...

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  1. Go to blog lay out or customize or something along that line. Then you can click to add a gadget. There is different options. Look for the one that says you can add blogs. Then type away.