Wednesday, December 30, 2009

salutations 2009

I am very excited for the upcoming new year! The new year means a lot of things!
It means.....
I graduate in August (hopefully!)
I have to find a real big girl job (that part i'm not excited about... can't i just work at the rec center forever? I've already been there 6 years!)
Troy and I will be sealed in the temple this summer
I get to start my 2nd ever internship
Troy goes to the U!

There are other things too! These are just the biggest ones I can think of. And I'm sure next year will bring some surprises too!
Although I don't really like life surprises.
Those always throw me off kilter for awhile and then you have to re-evaluate.

OH. and I almost forgot 2010 means...
ah. my life is good.

The end of 2009 means........................................

No more clase de espanol.
the end of brutality to my car. Poor car went through a lot this got keyed, rear ended, and troy ran it into a rock.
no language of color class.
no more junior jazz for troy!

2009 was pretty good though.
I learned a lot about myself (strengths and weaknesses)
I grew up a lot.
bettered myself
I got married.
Had a great honeymoon.
Spent an awesome summer with my love.
discovered my love of fly fishing.
had a fantastic christmas.
Troy and I get to spend our first ever New Years Eve together! Troy ditched me for the Sugar Bowl last year...
Pretty much Troy made my 2009.

See ya later '09
Welcome '10

In honor of the new year and the upcoming concert, I will sign off with a quote from Brand New...

Consider this a letter that I never sent
However inconsiderate it seems
Do you still consider me,
consider me the boy you laughed with
or that you learned to live without?... I suck,
I know I'm late,
I know you waited
--"Logan to Government Center," Brand New

random I know. I just picked a random song and the 1st verse.

Monday, December 28, 2009


Troy and I had a wonderful Christmas!!! It was seriously probably the best Christmas I've ever had. The past 4 Christmases have pretty much sucked (they've definitely gotten better each year) but this year was so much fun! I lost my camera charger so my camera has been dead and I haven't been able to take any pictures!

Troy and I got lots of good stuff! Troy got stuff for his bike that he is building (thanks to Heath for helping me pick stuff out!). And Troy got me a Snuggie I was super excited! some cd's and a movie AND tickets to my favorite band (well one of them)....BRAND NEW! I was super surprised and I'm sooooooooooooooooooo excited for the concert! January 29th! Then my mom completely spoiled us! She bought us a Wii and she got each of us our own fly fishing rods with tackle box and flies and bubbles! Troy and I were both so excited! If only it was fishing weather! We're both so happy to have our own poles! We were just borrowing his dads and now we have our own!! Thanks mama!

This Christmas we spent most of it with my family. We went to my uncle Chris and Aunt Audree's house on Christmas Eve for my favorite "Faux Christmas." My aunt Audree buys a bunch of gag gifts and we pass around the basket and choose a gift for the person after us. Troy got disposable flasks and robot tissues and I got a Beatles lunch box and 1970's Rock Trivia cards. Some of the funnier items were a smoking baby, bug glasses and "smittens" which were these super funny mittens for lovers! It's 2 individual mittens and one conjoined mitten so you can hold hands with your lover! awww.... My cousin Ryan and his wife Lacee just had a baby boy Wilson, so we got to see him. And Troy joined in on the annual "Jones Nerf War" with my cousins and uncle. I think he is now officially accepted as a member of the family!

Christmas Day we went to my Mama's and got spoiled and then to my Aunt Toni's where we watched my little cousins open their presents and then got into a giant family wrapping paper fight. Some of the boys started throwing the paper really hard and it hurt when it hit you in the I quickly hid. I also got to see my cousin Zak and his wife Jillians 3 day old baby Bella! so cute! My little 4 year old cousin Cameron was there and he gave me lots of attitude.

Cameron: "this is my elephant. And these are his horns"
Me: "They're called tusks"
Cameron: "Well I can call them whatever I want!"


Cameron: "You have a boyfriend! You have a boyfriend! ha ha ha!"
Me: "I have a husband! I have a husband! ha ha ha!"
Cameron: "Whatever. Same thing."

Then we went to Troys parents and watched Terminator: Salvation. It was awesome. I loved it.

Good Christmas!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

cough, cough

today at work (rec center work, not max work).

I choked on POPCORN. The kind of hacking and gagging, eyes watering, cherry red face kind of choking. And of course it had to happen while I was on the phone with a customer. In the middle of my sentence a little piece of popcorn that lodged itself in the crevasse of my molar came loose and flew down my lungs just as I was about to explain prices on a family membership.

I tried to hold my cough in but I quickly realized this cough was un-stifle-able. Full on cough attack. I cough for a good 10 seconds to the point I feel I can barely choke out "ca-an y-ou ho-uh-ld o-n?" and I put the call on hold and ask my co-worker in the same voice
"ca-an yo-u fin-ish m-y ca-all?"

I then hear Jessica say "Sorry about that...I think she's coughing up a lung."

I'm choking and coughing and gagging and dying with eyes watering uncontrollably. My coughs are literally throwing my body forward and hide in my managers office where everyone precedes to make fun of me.
After a few minutes I can finally breathe like a human again.

But that was bad.

Monday, December 21, 2009

lookin back...

So I had half of this post written already got distracted because Troy came home and wanted to spend the 30min he'd be home with him...Thought I saved the post as a draft...apparently I didn't.

So here goes round 2...

One year ago today...Troy got down on one knee in a moment of complete and utter surprise, in front of a crowd of people and professed his undying love and devotion to me and asked for my hand in marriage.

Ok. So it didn't actually go down like that. At all.

It was in his car, with me already wearing the ring we had just bought together because I begged him to let me try it on one more time. Then I absolutely refused to take it off. After a 5 minute (playful) argument, he then leaned toward me and sweetly asked "will you marry me?" I was slightly surprised he let me off that easy...but then I kissed him and exclaimed...YES! the moment was perfection. Very "Troy and Leslie" indeed. I know to many that may sound like the lamest proposal ever. My cousin Carrie actually told me that exactly (she's such a sweet girl).

*Random Side Rant* After telling my family the proposal when my cousin Carrie told me my proposal was l-a-m-e... She then preceded to tell me her engagement story. Dinner at some expensive restaurant and then a carriage ride in downtown SLC (my personal opinion...cliche and LAME) but then best part...SHE made the dinner reservation, SHE arranged for the carriage ride. Isn't that kind of lame??? at least mine was spontaneous! End rant.

Also, 7 months to the day Troy and I were hitched. It's weird to think it's already been 7 months and it's also weird to think it's only been 7 months!

This weekend Troy and I got to spend ALL weekend together and it was SO MUCH fun. Friday night we did nothing but be lazy. Troy picked up The Pie pizza on his way home from work and we bought The Hangover and just ate pizza and watched a movie. With school finally being over we were both in need of alone time. And we got just what we needed.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

no more teachers! no more books!

....until january. boo. Oh well I graduate in August! woo hoo!

I was a domestic goddess yesterday and I just wanted to share that with everyone. My house has been rather neglected (to say the least) during the past 3 weeks while I have been preparing for finals and got scheduled an unusually large amount as well. So after my last final yesterday and finding out that all of my therapy sessions with Max were cancelled because his parents are ripping out the ceiling in his therapy room because it leaks... I decided to clean my house! I vacuumed, I dusted OH DID I DUST! I put away laundry, scrubbed the toilet AND the bath tub, the dishes, washed the sheets, MADE THE BED (that never happens). My house is SOOO clean! i love it. I also made delicious Christmas treats AND had dinner ready by the time my husband got home. I could totally be a stay at home mom. I love not having school or work!

Friday, December 11, 2009

You know your mom is going deaf when....

this happens. Here is a play by play of the last time I called my mom a few hours ago.....

(me calling...ring ring ring!)

Mom: Hello dear!

Me: Mom I was just in a car accident.

Mom: Oh. guess what I'm doing? decorating my christmas tree!

Me: Do you even care that I was just hit by another car???

Mom: Of course I want to hear about your day honey!

Me: I was just hit by a car.

Mom: I'm sorry I didn't hear you...


Mom: Oh my gosh! I don't know what I thought you were saying...but that definitely was not it!

My mom...bless her heart.

And p.s. I am fine. It was just a fender bender some dude rear ended me on 5th south...he said he hit ice or something. His car looks worse than mine. And I got whip lash and now my back, neck and head hurt. Good times.