Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I'm really not trying to copy my friend Lisa's "things that must go" post. I was planning on doing an "I'm so over..." post before I read hers. Plus, Lisa is copying Radio From Hell so I don't feel that bad :)

I'm SO over....

  • aching feet
  • aching back
  • acid reflux
  • feeling ginormous
  • crappy sleep
  • back acne
  • body parts jabbing me (painfully) in random places
  • braxton hicks
  • wearing the same 4 outfits over and over
  • feeling tired all the time
  • always feeling much too warm
  • people asking me every day "how are you feeling?" I get the gesture, it's nice and thank you but I feel fine enough to do whatever it is I'm doing. So please stop asking.

In other news, I had another doctors appointment today and everything still looks great. I still seem to be right on track with everything. However, my doctor did give me some pretty shocking news... like send me into mini panic attack mode, shocking.

She told me that once I hit 34 weeks which is a little less than 2 weeks away... IF I go in to labor they won't do anything to intervene to prevent me from giving birth. AAHH!!

I know that most likely I will not go in to labor at 34 weeks, but still it made me think... in 2 weeks I could have a baby! AAHH!!! We don't even have a crib yet! On the way back from our appointment I was a little panicky about how unprepared we are to have a baby in 2 weeks. Troy had to remind that I'm due in a little less than 8 weeks and not 2 weeks. Which made me feel a little better.

Until he said, "But just in case... you should probably pack your hospital bag."

Good grief. With all of this anxiety this news has caused me I'll probably send myself in to early labor.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

What a beautiful mess I'm in...

I'm pretty darn lucky because this guy married me....

We've had a lot of surprises these past 8 months. Some good, some bad. It's taken a lot of adjustment for both of us. There have been a lot of tears (mostly on my part) but Troy has always kept me looking on the bright side and laughing. He's been so great to me during the pregnancy too. Even when I'm having a ridiculous mood swing and I'm being rather unpleasant he just laughs at me instead of being offended.

Even with everything going on and all of the things we have to figure out I wouldn't change a thing as long as I can have him by my side. We have so much to be grateful for. And we're so grateful and so excited for our biggest surpise to join us in SIXTY DAYS!!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Finally finished!

I've had a few friends who wanted see a picture of the Halloween costume I made (but never wore). I was so sad I didn't get to wear it because I worked really hard on it but luckily it only cost me the price of an extra large roll of bargain brand aluminum foil :) so here it is... my bun in the oven costume.

And then remember this...

Well now it looks like this....
I was originally planning on using a lot more glaze but I ended up really liking the look of the antique white paint. So I did a very light coat of glaze, just enough to make the little details stand out better. The picture doesn't quite do it justice.