Thursday, June 25, 2009

marriage: one month

So troy and i are FINALLY married! FINALLY. We've been married for just barely over a month now. It's been amazing! I love being married and getting to spend as much time as humanly possible with my new husband. He's already proved to be the worlds greatest husband. Our new apartment is cute. small. but cute :) And I definitely have my qualms with it or whatever that word is. But It's actually pretty nice for a first apartment. I don't know how a family of 4 (maybe it was 5) lived in there for 5 years before we did. I got mad at troy for something when we very first moved in and i had no where to hide. i ended up sitting on the bathtub for 5 minutes to try to be a lone and then he had to use the bathroom. It is a two bedroom house but as of the moment the "spare room" has turned in to "i have no idea where to put this" room. and it's filled with boxes and random stuff. Our bedroom closet is TINY. Here let me demonstrate this better...TINY. I basically crammed everything i could in there. We have 4 closets which sounds nice but 3 of them are TINY and one is pretty big but it's in our storage/laundry room and it's not really a closet. they pretty much just put bar to hang stuff on in their. Troy has the BIG closet and one little closet in the spare room. I have the closet in the bedroom but he gets the shelf on top and i have to share the other closet in the spare room with a bunch of boxes. Troy also took one of my chest of drawers. I currently have a big pile of clean folded clothes on top of my drawers because i have no where to put my clothes.

Our kitchen is nice and decent sized. Except we have no dishwasher...except for me. Ok that's a lie. Troy washes the dishes and i dry them. I hate washing. It grosses me out. And I try not to think about all of the bacteria growing on my dishes now because i think hand washing isn't very sanitary. I tried cooking chicken the first week we moved in...bad idea. All I kept thinking was salmonella (is that how you spell it?) Oh and our oven is interesting... it only sometimes warms up your food. It's a really old oven so if you need to cook anything above 400 degrees like say a frozen's rather difficult. Any temperature above 400 is set to broil. Broiling a frozen pizza doesn't really work. So we've had to learn to adjust temperatures when cooking. And it' still not quite working. sometimes even when cook something at a typical 350 degrees we still have to add like 10 minutes to the time. Our microwave also doesn't work normally. You can't hit any of the preset buttons like "popcorn" the screen will start flashing "F 5" and the beeper starts howling like a crazy person and then turn off. But luckily for us we can manually type in our time. We've pretty much decided stove top cooking is our best option.

But it's a pretty nice place all in all. Except that we can hear up stairs perfectly. Like during the day when they're not home I can H-E-A-R their answering machine. Like actually hear what the person leaving a message is saying. Either they have the loudest answering machine on earth or the insulation sucks. I'm pretty sure it's the insulation. And I'm pretty sure they can hear us ALL the time. But that's not really my fault. They own the place. If they want to not be able to hear whats going on in our private time they.can.FIX.IT!.

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  1. hey les, i found your blog on mallory's blog! i'm officially going to start blog stalking you! i love reading your blog so far, it's so fun! i bet our apartment is smaller, older, and worse than yours! but, i guess that comes along with being a newlywed right? yay!