Wednesday, February 24, 2010

please don't be jealous...

I got bored today waiting for Troy to come home and got on

Here are our uh... attractive... children.

Our little boy who looks more like a girl...

And our little girl... who is apparently of another race.

Like I said... don't be jealous of our incredibly genetically blessed children. Maybe Troy and I should look into adoption in the future?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

hair did

I got my hair did! I cut off 3 whole inches, added layers AND bangs! My good friend Heather came over to my house last night and snip snip! new hair!

Here is the last picture of me with my looong hair at Bekah's Homecoming

Here is all the hair I chopped off!

And here is my new hair! I know I'm posing for myself...don't judge me.

Thanks Heather! Totally Emma Stone worthy!

Monday, February 15, 2010


Troy and I had an awesome Valentines Day! It wasn't really a typical valentines day because neither of us really take the holiday all that seriously. Troy knows that flowers are a big deal to me so he got me a really pretty bouquet of roses and lilies and he bought me a Jazz Hornacek throw back jersey. And in all honesty I completely forgot about Valentines until the day before (when troy gave me my gifts). So I felt like/am a horrible wife.

Saturday Troy and I went to his sisters house for a sleep over. It was her husbands birthday so we went to dinner with their family and ate at "Rib City" if anyone ever says "Hey lets go to Rib City!" I recommend you run away screaming. It was awful. I got the safest thing on the menu chicken fingers and in my first bite I found BONE. I have bone issues. I can't eat anything with bones in it...completely grosses me out. I picked at my dinner the rest of the night. Troy even tried my chicken fingers and didn't like them. That's saying a lot.

On Valentines Troy and I went to church with Kerstins family. Then when we all got home we watched Die Hard. After Die Hard we participated in Brian and Kerstins Valentines tradition...Wendy's! We had a romantic dinner with 4 screaming children...well ok 2 screaming children. My one year old neice Kennady tried to commit suicide climbing up a wall and jumping off. And my infamous nephew Jackson played the drums on my head with straws and started the most awesome duck dance. Which basically consisted of him flapping his arms and wiggling his butt while yelling "quack! quack!" While all of this was going on the grown-ups stole the childrens kids meal toy MAD LIBS (freakin love it!) while trying to come up with nouns, verbs and adjectives with child friendly sexual inuendos. HI-larious!

Oh and I almost forgot...Troy, Heath (troys brother), Steph (heaths wife), and Kerstin (troys sister) ran the Sweethearts 5k! I cheered.

Steph kickin' everyones trash!

Heath and Kerstin

My cute Husband!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

if only I could afford a maid.

Can someone please teach me how to be neat and tidy all of the time? Please? I would definitely say that since I've been married I'm WAYYYY better at being clean then when I was un-married and living at home. I just hate that when I look around my house and see all of the things that are left out on counters or on the floor...they're mine. Any ideas? Tips? I need help.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


I have been inspired. I am always looking on the internet for furniture and other such things. Always looking for that one great deal, on that one perfect thing that I probably couldn't afford anyway even if I found it. Living in this apartment that I know I will not be spending the rest of my life in is slightly depressing. I like my little apartment don't get me wrong. It has served us quite well and is so super cheap and despite my seemingly endless complaints... it's pretty nice. I'm just ready to move on to bigger and better things. Unfortunately, bigger and better things just aren't quite in our budget as of the moment since we're both in school. So until then I look at furniture that we can't afford or possibly could afford but have absolutely no place or a need for. For example, a hutch, accent tables, a big huge sectional couch (one day! one day...). I REALLY want new furniture. We are in desperate need of a new couch. It's a hand me down from my mom that she bought when I was 9...yikes. Anywho... My inspiration.

I'm always looking at pottery barn and other equally expensive websites dreaming my life away. But I also don't really want to have a pottery barn house. I would like to have my house have some personality. I've started looking at KSL and Craigs List for stuff. And I stumbled upon this blog (on KSL of all places) and now I just want to buy really old cheap furniture and then refinish it! I probably won't do it myself...even though Troy knows how. Maybe I'll just have the people from The Frosted Gardner do it for me instead. One day. When I have my bigger and better house/town home/condo/anywhere other than this apartment. If only you could refinish couches....ok I'm sure you can. But I really just want a new one.

And in case you were wondering (because I know you were) Brand New was AMAZING. They sound AWESOME live. Super talented boys. Fantastic.