Tuesday, July 26, 2011


As some of you know nutrition is pretty important to me. It's what I got my minor in. I would have switched it to my major if The University of Utah offered it as a major. But I was too close to graduating and didn't want to transfer schools again.

I'm not saying that I eat 100% great. I love chips, donuts, cookies, etc... And I in no way intend to completely cut these out of my diet. I do however try to make healthy choices. I try to limit my intake of the aforementioned goodies, I buy 100% whole grain everything, fruits, veggies, etc... I have rules about what I will and won't feed my daughter. Nutrition is a big deal.

Last night I watched this movie and it definitely made an impact on me.

Seriously, it's going to further change the way me and my family eat forever. It's going to make me think twice about what I purchase. I know it's not going to be an over night thing. But I will be better.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

A means of escape or release from confinement; an outlet

That was the definition of vent. Since I was in tears this morning. Here I go...

I've decided that sometimes I really really hate being an adult. The majority of the time the pros definitely out weigh the cons. Yet sometimes those darn cons suck.

I don't really like to lay out all of my problems right here on my blog. In fact, I know that I've been pretty blessed. Sometimes I feel like my struggles are so petty, but I still struggle. Troy and I have been living in a state of high stress lately. {Just to preface no our marriage is not in a state of high stress. We've just got a lot on our plate right now}. This morning when the guy called to tell me that the repairs on my car were going to cost well over $700. I lost it. More so because I took my car in to the exact same place less than a month ago for the exact same problem and they didn't fix it right the first time. Which of course isn't their fault because they still would have "encouraged" me to complete the other repairs. But no worries because they're going to give me a 5% discount {sarcasm much intended}. Do you know what 5% of $700 is? I do. It's $35.

And the thing that made me the most mad? That I couldn't get mad at them. That I just said "ok." I can't make myself get mad at people. Probably because I've worked in customer service for 8 years. I've had quite a few jobs in my time and have been yelled at for ridiculous things, some justified but usually not. Ex. Because their check bounced, or I caught them sneaking in, there was dirt in their salad, or we don't allow outside food, the power went out, poop in the pool, not enough parking spaces and a million other things. I've been that person time and again.

I usually just let it go. But this time when I feel that I am really justified. It's like I don't know how. Even though I've seen it happen a million times.

And it makes me mad at myself.

Things to do: grow a backbone.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

new project in the works!

I'm so excited I can barely stand it! My husband is picking up this today....

I've been searching for the right dresser with doors in the middle FOREVER. This beauty is going to be the new home for our TV and DVD's. This way little baby fingers can't pull DVD's off the shelf or press buttons. Now that she's a roller she's already rolled her way over to our current cheap glass TV stand and tried pulling things off.

I just can't decide what color to paint it. Definitely not black. I hate dusting. I'm kind of wanting to go with a grey and yellow color scheme for our living room...

so maybe something like this...


or this...


or this...


or maybe this...


or maybe this, this, this or this.

What should I do???

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

goin' to the bbq and we're gonna get married...

As some of you may know my mom got married on the 4th of July. It was a total surprise. Kinda like a surprise birthday party only in reverse. The stars of the show knew and the guests had no idea. I've told several people over text the gist of the story but for those of you who want the whole story... here it goes!

My mom and Blair have been dating for two years and had gotten engaged about a month ago while on a hiking trip. He proposed to her in Moab under Wedding Ring Arch. Cute huh? Since neither of them wanted to make a big deal out of the wedding they just wanted to get married by a justice of the peace.

I on the other hand, had several stipulations for this marriage.

1. my mother had to wear a white dress
2. my mother needed a bouquet
3. there had to be cake {so I could eat it}

My mom never had these with her previous marriage. So I wanted my mom to feel bride-esque. She and I grappled back and forth about this for awhile. I'd keep asking her when she thought her and Blair were going to tie the knot and she kept being elusive about the date but hinting more toward August.

Then my mom told me that she and Blair wanted to have a barbecue on the 4th of July. I thought nothing of it. I mean there are like a bazillion barbecues that day. She told me that Blair's son Curtis and his other son Connor and his wife Katie and their kids would be in town. Then we would all decide on a date that worked for us so we could all partake in this joyous occasion.

On July 4th, We get to Blair's house and see lots of cars. I was certainly confused. I thought it was only going to be us kids. We walk to the backyard and see my mom's entire family and Blair's entire family. Then my mom walks out in the white sundress she had been telling me about for the wedding. I am instantly irritated because I think to myself, "She's getting married today! My mom invited all of these people to her wedding and some how forgot to mention to her ONE and ONLY child that she was getting married!"

I don't say anything to her because I don't want to get mad at her and make her feel bad on her wedding day. I also don't mention anything to any of my family because I'm embarrassed that my mom forgot to tell me. Except no one is saying anything about a wedding. And everyone is very barbecue casual. So then I think, "Ok maybe I'm overreacting. They just invited their families so everyone can meet because they're going to be getting married soon. And my mom probably just wanted to wear the dress because it's a nice day. It is a sun dress after all."

We have a blessing on the food and then Blair stands up. He says something about how nice it is that everyone came and yada yada... I don't really remember what he said because suddenly my mom comes walking out with our Bishop and my jaw dropped. She sees my face and starts laughing. Suddenly Blair announces, "Oh and by the way everyone since you're all here, we decided today would be a nice day to get married!" To my relief, everyone was surprised! NO one knew!

And then they got married under an awning several feet away from the potato salad. Blair wore a plaid shirt and shorts. It was all very casual. And then the Bishop left and we finished with our barbecue. So my mom got what she wanted a stress free, no big deal wedding and I got what I wanted. My mom wore a white dress, there was a bouquet of flowers on the table and there was cake. And it was delicious!

It was a really nice day. My mom is incredibly happy. I don't think she has stopped smiling since. Here are a couple pictures from their special day!

This is a picture of my moms ring. They didn't even have their official wedding rings for the wedding yet because they were being custom made. The sides are turquoise and elk ivory. Blair has a band sort of similar to it. If you know my mom her ring is very her!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Isabel: six months

Dear Izzie,

Oh my dear sweet girl! {I sounded like my mother just then...weird}. I can't believe you have been alive for half a year. Half a year? It makes me want to cry.

You have started to come out of your shy little cocoon and smile at everyone you see. You give the best smiles that warm my heart. I could seriously stare at you all day long. You give full blown laughs now. We have to work really hard to get them but they're worth it. Believe me I've done some crazy things, that may or may not include some ridiculous dance moves just to hear that sweet laugh.

You sit up so well by yourself. You'd rather be on your tummy than on your back. I can no longer leave you unattended on a bed because you roll like crazy! You've shown lots of interest in crawling. You get so frustrated when something is out of your reach and you can't figure out how to move your legs to get there. This past week you were sitting up in the bath tub playing with a toy and while I was reaching for the shampoo you fell face first in to the water. You scared me half to death. The memory of you coughing up all the water you had just inhaled, after only being under water for 1.3 seconds still haunts me. I made your dad give you all of your baths the rest of the week. I'm still scarred.

I love pulling you out of your crib in the morning or from a nap. You cling to me like I've just rescued you from some terrible torture.

You've started giving me hugs. I melt. You give really slobbery open mouth kisses too. You also rest your little head on my shoulder during church and all of the ladies in relief society just die from your cuteness.

You are practically perfect in every way! {Even though we're going through another rough patch full of tears}.

Love, Mom

6 month stats

Weight: 18lbs 4oz, 89%
Height: 26.5in, 79%
Head 98%

Friday, July 1, 2011

the many faces of Izzie

These were all taken within about a 90 second time frame. It made me laugh.

Oh and by the way if you couldn't tell from the pictures... she can sit up all by herself as of the other day!!