Sunday, September 27, 2009


I'm feeling rather ambitious today. I'm not sure why...probably because I've had time to rest and relax today. Troy and I barely got to see each other this week because we've both been so busy! And this weekend has been jam packed as well! Friday I worked an 11 1/2 hour day..that was a long day. Then Saturday Troy worked an 11 hour day as well. Today we both decided we just wanted to rest and actually BE with each other so we ditched church and have laid around in our PJ's all day! it was great until about 2pm when I started getting antsy from lack of activity. So I made us go out for a walk to Millcreek Junior High where we "played" football. It was more "see if we can make it passed each other to the 10 yard line" needless to say I didn't make it to the 10 yard line once.

Back to ambition...I want to open my own business! Don't ask me what I want to do though. I have no idea, I just think it would be great. I think I'm feeling this way because I have regenerated enough to think passed homework and work AND because I'm scared I'll never graduate at the rate I'm I need a back up plan in case no one wants to hire me because I become a college drop out.

I just need to invent something cool. and then KA-POW! I'll be rich and famous and all of y'all will be name droppin "I knew her before she was famous."

I can't sleep.

Troy is fast asleep ON not IN our bed. Poor boy worked all day on his day off! He's so great. So I can't sleep and I'm browsing (which I love) and decided...

i'm getting this.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Limp Bizkit Song.

I will refrain from the actual lyrics of the limp bizkit song I'm thinking of because they are pretty crude.....I'm having one of those days where everything bugs me. Where the slightest sarcastic comment from my husband makes me want to cry. School and work feel daunting and overwhelming. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with today. Today has been pretty normal. Woke up at 6am. Went to school. Got there ON TIME. Went to work. Came home. Did homework. Went back to work. Came home and KA-POW! bad mood. Guess that's what happens when you are a girl.


Saturday, September 19, 2009

I wrote him

Remember how I told you guys that Troy and I wrote "Adam West" joking about his rude comment and then asked "How is California?"

Well, Adam West wrote back. Saying something stupid about me again. And completely ignoring our California question. Which only some how confirms even more to me that this "Adam West" is in fact X. I think that if Adam West is some weirdo stranger who likes to add strangers on facebook make fun of their wives and pretend they are "old friends" then he would go along with the California story...Saying at least SOMETHING about California. Like "it's great." Or "I don't live there." I could be wrong. I've never been in this situation...

Troy didn't want to give X the satisfaction of anything. Troy is obviously the bigger person in this situation. But I've seriously been the bigger person for almost 2 years! And I'm just plain annoyed. So I got on my very own facebook account and wrote "Adam West." Tell me what you think....

You are pathetic. I don't know what you are thinking still hanging around. We've been broken up for almost TWO YEARS. I've tried to be nothing but cordial with you. You have issues. So stop calling. Stop texting. Leave my friends alone (i.e. Michelle). Leave me alone. Leave Troy alone. Even if you ever SINCERELY feeling like apologizing (unlike your last phone call)...DON'T. Because I don't want to talk to you. Ever. If you were sincere you'd be gone by now. I don't care what you are doing with your life. I will never call your "business line." I don't care if you become the next Bill Gates and I end up living on street. I will never ask myself "What if?" I am the happiest I have ever been. Not even you can take that away from me. So go away. Grow up. Stop acting like a complete psycho and do something with your life.

So? What do you think??? I wanted to tell him off without sinking to his level. I had very VERY many choice words to say. Yet, I refrained.

Why do I get the odd feeling that I may have just opened Pandora's Box? Suppose it's too late...

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Before I start this post I must first say that I know about stalking. I am a self proclaimed creep. I am a Facebook stalker a blog stalker and on rare occasions if I'm really bored a myspace stalker. I don't really ever stalk with a purpose I just look at all the people I went to high school with or knew..or know from somewhere. HOWEVER...

I'm pretty convinced Troy and I have a stalker. Like an actual super creepy stalker. And I think that stalker comes in the form of my ex-boyfriend. Here's why...

Let's first give back ground. The stalker we will call X. X and I dated for a year and half. We talked very seriously about getting married. Looked at rings. Had a date (a very far off in the distance date) I started looking at venues...blah blah blah. Then I went WTF? what am I doing? I can't marry this guy. We are completely incompatible. our relationship was bad. We weren't always the nicest people to each other. We were drama. and that's all I will say. so i broke up with him in November of 2007. Needless to say he didn't take it very well. He kept finding ways to weasel in to my life. And my guilty conscious let him for a while.

In march of 2008 I met troy and basically became smitten for life. Yet that darn X kept trying to weasel back in. Like one time he got in a car accident. He calls me bawling (he cried a lot) saying there was no one else to get him. What was I supposed to do? I have a heart. Only to find out later he just wanted to see me. Then in June shortly after the car accident incident. I told him I wanted him out of my life forever. I wanted Troy and I to be serious and in order for that to happen he had to be gone. He was cool about it. I finally thought he was gone....

Then in October after 4 months of no communication he randomly shows up at my house just to say hi.

A few weeks after that he starts calling. ALL THE TIME. I never answer. One day I left my phone at home and I had 17 missed calls from him. 17! not to mention 5 text messages and 2 from his sister asking me to call him. I get on my email and i have 3 emails from him as well! So I agreed to talk to him to get him to stop calling, emailing, texting, etc...before he made another house visit. I told him I would only talk to him over MSN I didn't want to talk over the phone or in person. So we talk and he wants to be friends again. I say no. Troy and I started talking marriage. And a friendship between X and myself wouldn't be right. He then proceeds to call me every name in the book and signs off MSN.

some time after the MSN incident he starts texting me gross things. I ignore him. He goes away.

a month or 2 after that he starts texting me again saying he knows I have some of his stuff and wants it back and he'll come get it if he has to and is just plain rude. I know what he's talking about so I immediately take it to his grandma's house who lives a few blocks from me. Text him and say. "it's at your grandmas." He then proceeds to say all of these rude things to me about me cheating on him blah blah blah. I keep ignoring him until he says something that just sends me over the top and I write back (i still remember it exactly) "Stop acting like you are so innocent you cheated on me too. Get over yourself. Leave me alone." He got the reaction he wanted...he keeps texting me. I ignore him again. Troy finally gets off work and I show him the texts. So now troy gets involved and texts him to please leave me alone. more texting happens and suddenly X is threatening Troy and saying that he has been taking steroids and now has 36in biceps...I don't know about you guys but 36 inches is bigger than around my waist. SEE HOW CRAZY HE IS? When i broke up with him he was 6'5" and way in hell his arms are/were ever/will ever be that big.

a month after that X runs in to Michelle's ex boyfriend Ben. Ben gives X Michelle number and he starts texting her asking why am I getting married. That was around April ish maybe?

I hadn't heard from him forever and I thought maybe he was finally done. We'd been broken up for 21 months. As recently as AUGUST....I get a phone call from a number I don't recognize. With a weird area code. I answer. it's X calling to apologize about being a douche bag. Saying he's happy for me. a bunch of BS if you ask me. He didn't sound sincere in his apology at all. Telling me to call him any time. (yeah right). I finally think maybe he is done. UNTIL...


a few days ago Troy gets a friend request on facebook from an Adam West. This Adam doesn't have a picture. Troy thinking "well maybe I do know him or maybe Leslie knows him" so he adds him back. A few days later this Adam person writes a comment on one of Troy's pictures. That just happens to be a picture of the 2 of us. The comment is rude. It is about me. And said things that a stranger would not know. Troy showed me the comment and then we deleted it. My's X. I would not put it passed him to make a fake facebook just so he could keep tabs on us. I'm sure there is a possibility that it could just be some weird coincidence. But I just get this weird feeling it is not. We wrote him a message back joking about his rude comment (like troy and this Adam west were old friends) and then wrote "how is California?" Which is where X is apparently currently living according to his surprise phone call last month.

I will keep you updated on the stalker thing.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


So I think I might die of exhaustion. I'm so sick of studying for stupid stupid tests! I have 2 tests tomorrow. and a paper due on Friday. BLEH. I need sleep and I need a shower. Neither of which I really want to do. Maybe I'm just a completely gross person but I really hate showering. It's so annoying why can't I be clean and smell good all the time?

I wish troy would get back from basketball already...i miss him.
total amount of time I've seen him today: about 45 minutes. Around 20 minutes this morning before I left for school at 6:50am. And again for about 25 minutes between the time he got home and left for basketball. 45 minutes in the past 15 hours? that is sad. And we'll probably go to bed in about an hour. So I'll see him for about 2 hours in a 24 hour day...lame. I sure do like him :)

Friday, September 11, 2009


Yay I have followers! go sarah and shelly! and just for the record mallory and lisa...I never told anyone because...I can't remember why. Mostly because I think I got lazy and forgot. But Shelly knew I had a blog. So...blame shelly for not informing you or something like that. I don't know how to do anything cool with my those lists to the right side of all the people you "read" and are your "friends" to show how "popular" you are. So someone tell me how to do those. That would be great.


Troy and I finally got the internet. So now i can blog ALL the time. yay! be stoked. because i have lots of stuff to say...(not really. if there is a way to show sarcasm on a should also tell me how to do so)

So not that anyone knows who Max is other than the little boy I do therapy with...He was so great today. I swear I fall more in love with that kid every day. I accidently gave him my cold. sad. and he was all sniffly and such but he was such a trooper and made me laugh. I've only worked with him for 2 months but already I can see the progress he has made. His language has gone WAY WAY up. He says my name now and asks for things and imitates me and I swear there are days when he's imitating me because he's making fun of something I said. His mom says that Steve (the main therapist) says that Max will be ready for pre-school come May. And then we get to take him to pre-school and be his aid. How fun would that be???

I wish I had something funny and clever to write...but I don't. And I can hear my neighbors...gross. That is my que to leave and turn up the tv really loud and watch Fighting. Oh...Channing Tatum take me away...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

To do lists

So I've decided I suck at life. Ok maybe not. I mean I live and breath and everything. I just have way too much on my plate right now. I work 2 jobs, go to school full time and I am trying to get this position as a Research Assistant to this virtual reality experiment going on at school. Which who knows if I'll get because I can't ever seem to get a hold of the Professor and then she emails 5 days later saying I can meet today at 1pm and then I don't get the email until 1:30....It's annoying. But maybe I shouldnt do the whole RA thing I'm already stressed as it is. I got in to the nutrition online class I was wanting to get in to. HOLY CRAP. it requires way more work than I'm willing (ok wanting) to put in. I did finally submit my first assignment today though! 2 days before the deadline. Thats not quite procrastinating right? Even though I have known about it for 2 weeks....

Troy and I are finally getting internet AND cable. WOOHOO! reality tv (but mostly GREY'S ANATOMY) HERE I COME!

what was i talking about again? right. to do lists. I have too many things to do.
  1. nutrition research assignment
  2. get RA job
  3. work with max
  4. work at the rec center
  5. read 11 pages of spanish
  6. read 3 chapters of nutrition
  7. do nutrition study guides
  8. go to costco
  9. cognitive psych discussion
  10. watch the office
  11. blog (check!)
  12. read 2 chapters about the brain for drugs and behavior
Alright thats only 12 things but all that reading sucks. it's going to take me HOURS.

and now i can't figure out what is wrong with my font....drat. and last but not least....figure out how to work this darn blog.

13 things. ugh.