Monday, November 16, 2009

What would you do?

I HAD to share this story that one of my good friends told me today about her experience at work today. I about died laughing. And because it's a bit of a personal nature I will conceal their identity and call them....hmmm....Charlie.

So Charlie was at work today when a sudden bout of diarrhea hit her. Charlie quickly made it to the bathroom and did what one does in the bathroom. As Charlie reached for the toilet paper she realized to her own dismay there was none! She thought "no big deal" seeing as she was in one of those bathrooms with only one toilet not one of those stall type bathrooms, "I'll check under the sink!" No such luck. "I'll just use a paper towel!" She quickly realized she was in trouble...paper towels were also out. Faced with a dilemma she had to think on her feet, she had to get creative. She didn't exactly want to announce to the whole office she had diarrhea... So what did she do? She reached into the garbage and pulled out the used paper towels to wipe her bum!

ha! GENIUS. I don't think it would have ever crossed my mind!
Kinda gross but good idea!
i love funny poo stories.
Thanks for sharing love!
You absolutely positively made my day with that story!

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