Wednesday, October 28, 2009

a little public service announcement...

I'm debating what it is I exactly want to post... Part of me wants to show you a few of things I've been up to as of lately. The other part wants to make a post about a petition I want people to kindly sign... Or at least make people aware of :) I think... I'm going to go with... PETITION.

I'm not saying you have to agree... or sign this petition. Just hear me out.

Petition to BAN the drug OxyContin.
I know too many people who have battled an addiction with this drug.
Many people are unaware of several facts about OxyContin.

OxyContin was originally intended as a pain reliever for TERMINALLY ILL patients.

You can now receive OxyContin for back pain, surgeries, etc.. It is the MOST frequently prescribed opioid pain killer in North America

OxyContin is HIGHLY addictive.

In 2007, Purdue and three top executives of Purdue Pharma (the makers of OxyContin) pled guilty in Virginia in relation to misleading the public about the addictive qualities and safety of OxyContin and paid fines totaling over $634 million.

OxyContin has become a popular drug and its mood altering effects has led to a significant increase in illicit usage.

OxyContin is molecularly almost identical to and acts in the body in the same manner as HEROIN.

Heroin and OxyContin are virtually interchangeable. Many OxyContin abusers often switch to heroin because heroin is inexpensive in comparison to OxyContin. This often leads to abuse of other illicit drugs. So please... if you ever go to the doctor and they prescribe you OxyContin also known as Oxycodone (and you are not a terminally ill cancer patient or the likes) please ask for for a prescription of something less extreme such as Hydrocodone which is still an opiate and effective but has what is called an Antagonist mixed with the drug to make it less addictive. I took Hydrocodone for both my tonsilectomy and my knee surgery and my pain was managed quite effectively! I know it sounds silly...everyone thinks it can never happen to them but why take the risk?

Join the cause...Sign the petition.

For more info on OxyContin you can try these sites...

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