Saturday, November 14, 2009

Saturday the 14th!

So I'm not a very superstitious person. In fact I didn't even connect that dots that it was "Friday the 13th" yesterday until someone mentioned it this morning. Yesterday was an alright day. Nothing out of the ordinary...I guess the only bad luck I had on "Friday the 13th" was that Max was not a super happy camper yesterday. He had a 30 minute tantrum that left me sweaty from trying to control him and 2 big bruises on my calves. He hucked a toy rocket launcher at my face too! Luckily he missed. Other than that...not bad.

Today however...Saturday the 14th was hell. It started out fine... slept in until about 8:15am and got to work by 9am. Then I noticed the ENTIRE rec center parking lot was full. I knew that was a bad sign. I should have just turned around and went home right then. We had a hockey tournament AND a swim meet AND junior jazz practice all going on at the very same time. Today, was also the first day of snow and something about snow makes people think "let's go ice skating!" So we had about 300 people come to ice skate. There was an insane amount of people there. And then the real kicker...I realized it was the last day of sign ups for the second session of junior jazz. First of all, I LOATHE junior jazz season. Everyone is ridiculous about junior jazz and whose team their kid is on and bla bla bla.

So saturday mornings are typically slow at the SDRC but TODAY we had a line out the door by 10am. And it wasn't so much a line as a mass of people all congregated together trying to make their way to one of us.

I then quickly came to the realization that the 3 other girls who were working with me were ALL new. I was the only supervisor there so that meant that everyone was going to be moving slow and asking me a lot of questions. How it slipped Mary's mind to schedule 3 new people on the last day of Jr. Jazz sign ups I'll never know. So for 7 hours of my day I was bombarded by anxious/annoyed customers and annoying questions by my co-workers. I typically don't mind helping my co-workers. I am the supervisor. That is my job. But today was just not the day.

Then at around 11:30am our computers decided to freeze. Like completely stopped working. When they started working again our computer system Sportsman wouldn't let us sign up anyone who wasn't previously in our system. DID I MENTION THAT IT WAS THE LAST DAY OF JUNIOR JAZZ SIGN UPS AND WE HAD A CONSTANT LINE OUT OF THE DOOR????

While in the midst of all of this I was helping people as fast as I possibly could when two GROWN MEN came up to me at the same time and got in a fight about who was next in line. I kid you not! I seriously thought they were going to start throwin' down WWE style! I didn't help either of them. I was too afraid of upsetting the other person if I started helping one of them. They were THAT mad. It was THAT busy. I stood there in shock while they yelled at one another until one of the other girls finished helping someone and I quickly directed one of them to her and I helped the other one.

I was basically running like a chicken with my head cut off today. Not fun. Then the girl who was supposed to come in for me was 20 minutes late. And I was off on my till. I didn't end up leaving until 4:15 and I was supposed to get off at 3.

I feel like I haven't had a weekend at all. I came home and have been doing homework ever since.

boo :(

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  1. sheesh that is rough.grown men huh? what about football? heavens i miss you