Friday, February 15, 2013

Izzie is TWO!

I wrote this post about a month ago and for some reason never published it... So here it is one month later.

Is she not the cutest thing ever???

My baby is officially no longer a baby. I believe that a one year old is baby. A two year old is an official not baby.

We celebrated with a small gathering of just family. Is a gathering of 20 is small??? It certainly doesn't feel small in our itty bitty house.

These days Izzie's got spunk. She loves being silly and "sneaking" around. She is also a DRAMA QUEEN. When she gets angry or upset she runs to her room and slams the door. No joke. Where did she learn that? She enjoys testing her mama's patience. She rolls her eyes at me.

She loves babies. That is the understatement of the universe. That girl can spot a baby anywhere within a 100 foot radius. She gives them hugs, kisses and is so soft and sweet. She's obsessed with cats or as she calls them "meows". In fact, most animals names are whatever noise they make. Except puppies. She knows the word "puppy".

She calls me mommy. Another thing I'm not sure where she picked up. Neither Troy or I refer to myself as mommy. She calls her dad "Twoy".

A few fun things she says...

"be-dah"- Thank you (she's been saying this for-ever and no idea how be-dah became thank you)
"mommy whas dees" - mommy whats this?
"Where's gicky? Where'd he go?" - Where's Nicky (she's always looking for uncle Nicky)
"bobo!"- elbow (she's obsessed with finding people's bobo's)
"bapa"- grandma/grandpa
"go da go!"- go dad go! she loves to cheer dad at basketball
"bo ball"- football
"peesa!" - pizza (and always said with gusto)
"She-shos"- cheerios
"meow all in war"- meow fall in water. (it's from the movie Homeward Bound when the cat falls in the river. It was traumatizing for her the first time she watched it. She talks about it a lot)

She of course says many other things but I think those are the some of the funnier ones.

Some of her favorite foods
pizza, tomatoes, cheese, quesadillas, any kind of fruit, fruit snacks, crackers, mac and cheese, ranch dressing, cheerios and pancakes

Izzie pretty much hates all meat and most vegetables. Depending on her mood she'll try a bite or two of either but they usually end up being spit out.

This video cracks me up!