Friday, March 30, 2012

easter, twilight, dreams

Troy went to bed at 9pm on a Friday night. How old man-ish of him, right? He does have to wake up at 3am tomorrow. So I guess I don't blame him.

I will be single-parenting this weekend, just as I do every conference weekend if anyone feels like coming over to hang out. {And this is the moment when all of those legit single parents roll their eyes at me. And rightfully so I might add}.

I read this the other day and I thought it was interesting. Especially after hearing about this ridiculous story from back in February. Not saying I agree with everything. I just merely thought it was interesting.

I'm watching Twilight on TV for the first time {what else am I supposed to do when my husband is in bed already?} And for reals people? What is this obsession with Rob Pattinson? I just don't get it.

I keep having these really bizarre-o dreams lately.

Conference is this weekend and I'm hoping I'll be able to stay awake. I can never stay awake during conference no matter how hard I try.

I can't wait until Easter is over because that means that Cadsbury Mini Eggs will be off the shelves. Then I can finally save myself from all of this gluttony I've been partaking in.

Ugly Betty is an amazing show. I watched all 4 seasons on Netflix more quickly than I am willing to admit.

Happy Conference!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Our life... through my camera phone

It's been quite awhile hasn't? I've been trying to stay away from the internet world {without much success}. I still read blogs but I've been trying to not waste hours upon hours like I used to. I wanted to work on being a more attentive parent. So this is what we've been up to the past few weeks as documented through my phone...

Lot's of silliness with our new favorite sunglasses. Walking all over the place. Oh yeah! I never mentioned she walks now! I can't even get an unblurry picture of her these days. Painting toe nails, her new favorite thing. She just won't sit still long enough for me to do all 10 and then I end up painting her foot. She brings me the nail polish though. Hiking in Moab, watching Troy cross the finish line for the Canyonlands Half Marathon {which he never even trained for but still managed a decent time...he's nuts!}. Making lots of messes, hair long enough for pig tails, and lots and lots of cuddling with dad with a sick Izzie. Darn Roseola!

I should really invest in a camera since apparently I am never going to find my trusty {and out dated} point and shoot any time soon. But if we're being honest my phone has more mega pixels than my camera. I know... totally pathetic. I'm cheap. What else can I say?

Just a few things I want to remember...
Izzie will pretty much only drink from a water bottle. She throws her sippy. She's a pro.
She plays peek-a-boo and {tries} to cover her eyes with her hands. They usually end up on the side of her face. She has the sweetest little voice that says "pee-do" while we play.
Izzie says "hi!" to strangers at the grocery story. I die from her cuteness every time.
She also says "wassat!" when she points at new things.
She high fives.
She ate 4 bowls of peas from the salad bar while we were in Moab.
She calls her blanket and her binky both "Bee!"
If she kisses Troy she almost always has to give me a kiss right after too.
She goes nuts when she sees a clementine. In fact, she ate 4 of them a row.
In Moab after the race she kept wandering off trying to steal treats from all of the runners.
She is a bottomless pit.
She rests her little head on my shoulder when I carry her on my hip.

For reals... when did my little baby become a toddler who walks and talks and demands I feed her clementines???

Man oh man. I love this girl.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


I really love these kinds of posts... whenever someone I know does one I always hope that I get tagged. {I know, vain much?} And my loverly friend Mara tagged me! woot woot!

game rules:
1. post these rules.
2. post a photo of yourself and 11 random things.
3. answer the questions set for you in the original post.
4. create 11 new questions and tag people to answer them.
5. go to their blog/twitter and tell them you've tagged them.

Yep, this is probably my favorite picture of me...ever.

my 11 random things:
1. I'm obsessed with the sock bun lately. Except I'm still not very good at it yet.
2. My other current obsession as of late is emergency preparedness.
3. After 2 years of having a gross rash I was finally able to get some medicine to get rid of it. It's been awesome to be less itchy.
4. I hate doing the laundry
5. I have the greatest friends ever. Be jealous.
6. I bought pink pants this weekend. 2 pairs actually. I'm debating which ones I like most so I can return them.
7. Sometimes I think I'm ready for baby #2
8. Sometimes I think having one child is plenty :)
9. I cannot wait for summer to get here.
10. I loooove really long bubble baths.
11. Right now I am reading The Time Traveler's Wife.

My 11 questions for me from Mara:
1. what do you love most about your life? mi familia. I love that I have the opportunity to be a mom and to watch my little girl grow up. It's lots of work but so worth it!
2. pulp or no pulp? pulp. I love fresh o.j.
3. where/what was your most favorite trip you've been on? my honeymoon. Even though we didn't go anywhere super cool {st. george and vegas} It was the most relaxing week of my life. Just spending time with my cute husband.
4. if you had to pick one place to live for the rest of your life, where would it be? why? I'm going to go with St. George. I love it down there. It's close to family but far away enough and it's warmer down there. I hate winters.
5. list your top 3 favorite male/female celebs. Meryl Streep, Katherine Heigl and Emma Stone
6. what is something unique to you that not many others may know about? uhh... my pinky's are crooked.
7. what would your dream family be made up of? how many boys/girls? why? 3-4 kids. I still don't which I'd rather have right now. At least one boy. If it was 4 kids I'd go with 2 boys and 2 girls.
8. favorite movie? The Devil Wears Prada it always makes me feel good.
9. favorite kind of ice cream? toppings? Lunaberry Pistachio with Strawberries
10. what is one of the nicest things some has ever done for you? Is it sad that I don't know? Probably anyone who was there for me when my mom was really sick and in the hospital for weeks. It was hard.
11. why do you blog? because I want to :)

11 questions for you
1. Favorite food?
2. What's your biggest fear?
3. Who makes you laugh the most?
4. Heels or flats?
5. What did you want to be when you were little?
6. Who was your first kiss?
7. top 3 male/female celebs?
8. What is your favorite tv show?
9. Who do you look up to?
10. Favorite cookie?
11. why do you blog?

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