Monday, November 2, 2009

My husband is a crazy person.

So My husband is insane. I LOVE HIM. But I think he is clinically insane when it comes to a little team called the Oregon Ducks. October the 31st to any other person I know was just Halloween but to Troy it was the holy grail of Ducks games. Halloween night. Black out game. Against USC (another PAC 10 team)...he had been talking about it for weeks. Here is why he is crazy. Luckily my camera was next to me to capture the moment...

Here is Troy literally sitting on the edge of his seat

moved from couch to crouching position

then to standing position...
and I'm 90% sure shortly after this photo is when Oregon scored and he got so excited that he jumped up and hit his head on our light fixture! He didn't even notice...

after the head incident he stuck to his crouched position.

So that is why I think he is crazy. In case you are wondering Oregon won. They killed USC. My husband was happy which means I was happy :)

In other sports news...
JAZZ WON ON FRIDAY! and I was there!
Mo-Tab sang the national anthem
Unfortunately they are getting their butts handed to them as I speak. Or type. whatever.
I'm pretty sure this game is aggravating my ulcer.

Ah-mazing! They sounded like a recording.

Final score! GO JAZZ!

our Jazz hats

Bret Michaels and groupie

My sweet tats for my costume. Yes that is Popeye.

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  1. ok, troy is the funniest person to watch watch sports. the end. also- sweet tats!