Monday, December 28, 2009


Troy and I had a wonderful Christmas!!! It was seriously probably the best Christmas I've ever had. The past 4 Christmases have pretty much sucked (they've definitely gotten better each year) but this year was so much fun! I lost my camera charger so my camera has been dead and I haven't been able to take any pictures!

Troy and I got lots of good stuff! Troy got stuff for his bike that he is building (thanks to Heath for helping me pick stuff out!). And Troy got me a Snuggie I was super excited! some cd's and a movie AND tickets to my favorite band (well one of them)....BRAND NEW! I was super surprised and I'm sooooooooooooooooooo excited for the concert! January 29th! Then my mom completely spoiled us! She bought us a Wii and she got each of us our own fly fishing rods with tackle box and flies and bubbles! Troy and I were both so excited! If only it was fishing weather! We're both so happy to have our own poles! We were just borrowing his dads and now we have our own!! Thanks mama!

This Christmas we spent most of it with my family. We went to my uncle Chris and Aunt Audree's house on Christmas Eve for my favorite "Faux Christmas." My aunt Audree buys a bunch of gag gifts and we pass around the basket and choose a gift for the person after us. Troy got disposable flasks and robot tissues and I got a Beatles lunch box and 1970's Rock Trivia cards. Some of the funnier items were a smoking baby, bug glasses and "smittens" which were these super funny mittens for lovers! It's 2 individual mittens and one conjoined mitten so you can hold hands with your lover! awww.... My cousin Ryan and his wife Lacee just had a baby boy Wilson, so we got to see him. And Troy joined in on the annual "Jones Nerf War" with my cousins and uncle. I think he is now officially accepted as a member of the family!

Christmas Day we went to my Mama's and got spoiled and then to my Aunt Toni's where we watched my little cousins open their presents and then got into a giant family wrapping paper fight. Some of the boys started throwing the paper really hard and it hurt when it hit you in the I quickly hid. I also got to see my cousin Zak and his wife Jillians 3 day old baby Bella! so cute! My little 4 year old cousin Cameron was there and he gave me lots of attitude.

Cameron: "this is my elephant. And these are his horns"
Me: "They're called tusks"
Cameron: "Well I can call them whatever I want!"


Cameron: "You have a boyfriend! You have a boyfriend! ha ha ha!"
Me: "I have a husband! I have a husband! ha ha ha!"
Cameron: "Whatever. Same thing."

Then we went to Troys parents and watched Terminator: Salvation. It was awesome. I loved it.

Good Christmas!

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