Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I'm feeling genealogical today. These people are my family. Yes, Courtney... I stole these pictures from your facebook...

This is my Grandma Jones. She was beautiful and if you know my cousin Courtney you know she is beautiful as well because they look exactly alike!
My Grandpa Leslie (if you haven't guessed already... I was named after him). I believe this picture was taken when he was in the Navy.

My dad and my uncle Chris looking very dapper in their high water pants (my dad is the older one)

Ha. Look at what a nerd my dad was!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Month Six

So I've made it to my sixth month of pregnancy! Less than 30 days and I'll be in my third trimester...yikes! By request I'm put up a couple of pictures of my baby bump. I finally think that I look pregnant and not just fat and I think that it helps that complete strangers having started asking me when I'm due. Sorry they're just cell phone pictures taken in mirrors. When I actually remember to take pictures of my bump it's when I'm home alone.
So far in this pregnancy...
  • I get dandruff and acne on my shoulders (yeah I'm attractive!)
  • I crave chocolate but not plain chocolate. Just chocolatey things like brownies!
  • I'm obsessed with mayonaise. I don't eat spoonfuls of it or anything but I like it a lot!
  • I also went through a tomato phase.
  • My weight gain is right on track but believe me when I say the numbers on the scale are starting to stress me out.
  • She kicks like crazy!
  • I wake up every morning at 6am needing to pee.
  • Working even a 4 hour shift on my feet exhausts me and my feet have started swelling.
  • I have crazy dreams
  • During the first trimester I threw up while brushing my teeth at least 50% of the time. I gagged 100% of the time.
  • I haven't gotten to experience the "fuller, thicker" hair everyone raves about during pregnancy. I lose just as much hair in the shower now as I did before I was pregnant.
  • However, hair has grown around my belly button...yet even more evidence of my attractiveness.
and we're pretty set on a name....
Isabel Susann Jackson
We plan on calling her Izzie. If you know me pretty well then you know I may or may not have taken the name Isabel from Grey's Anatomy... (I know, I know I'm obsessed but it's such a pretty name). And Susann is a combination of our mom's names. Susie + RaeAnn = Susann

Saturday, September 18, 2010

mad mad world

I went to the grocery store this morning to pick up eggs since Troy was making a delicious breakfast and we had no eggs. While walking down an aisle I overheard a very typical conversation between two girls...

"Jenny, you are so skinny!"
"No I'm not, I'm so fat."

Typical except for the part where I forgot to mention that they couldn't have been more than seven years old. These girls had missing front teeth for crying out loud! And for the record neither one of them was the slightest bit overweight. Two perfectly healthy little girls.

What is this world coming to???

Saturday, September 4, 2010

the glamorous side of marriage/true love

I couldn't decide which was a better title for this post about the conversation my husband and I had today.

Let me set the seen... Troy and I had just finished eating lunch. Troy stood up to put the dishes away and I was still sitting reading the newspaper. Troy walks over to me and starts picking through my hair, you know just like how monkeys pick through each others fur... minus the eating part.

Me: Do I have dandruff?
Troy: Yeah.
Me: Is it really bad?
Troy: Well... it kind of looks like someone was eating potato chips over your head.
Me: gross.

In my defense pregnancy has given me the worst dandruff, this isn't a usual thing for me.

He loves me thats for sure :)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I need this...

I want this crib bedding set. I want it sooo ridiculously bad. I'm super picky about baby stuff and I just can't seem to find anything I like except this. Everything else that is girly is pastel (blek), butterflies (double blek), or cutesy cartoon animals or worse cutesy cartoon butterflies (blek, blek, blek!). The downside is this bedding is a little pricey... I've been trying to be super thrifty since we're a little tight on cash. I'm re-painting a DI dresser, taking all of the hand-me downs I can get and I got a top rated car seat that runs for like $200 for $80. a steal if I do say so myself! So I can justify spending a little extra on some bedding that will get pooped, peed and puked on all the time, right?
I'm probably going to talk myself in to buying this. I want it that bad.