Monday, December 21, 2009

lookin back...

So I had half of this post written already got distracted because Troy came home and wanted to spend the 30min he'd be home with him...Thought I saved the post as a draft...apparently I didn't.

So here goes round 2...

One year ago today...Troy got down on one knee in a moment of complete and utter surprise, in front of a crowd of people and professed his undying love and devotion to me and asked for my hand in marriage.

Ok. So it didn't actually go down like that. At all.

It was in his car, with me already wearing the ring we had just bought together because I begged him to let me try it on one more time. Then I absolutely refused to take it off. After a 5 minute (playful) argument, he then leaned toward me and sweetly asked "will you marry me?" I was slightly surprised he let me off that easy...but then I kissed him and exclaimed...YES! the moment was perfection. Very "Troy and Leslie" indeed. I know to many that may sound like the lamest proposal ever. My cousin Carrie actually told me that exactly (she's such a sweet girl).

*Random Side Rant* After telling my family the proposal when my cousin Carrie told me my proposal was l-a-m-e... She then preceded to tell me her engagement story. Dinner at some expensive restaurant and then a carriage ride in downtown SLC (my personal opinion...cliche and LAME) but then best part...SHE made the dinner reservation, SHE arranged for the carriage ride. Isn't that kind of lame??? at least mine was spontaneous! End rant.

Also, 7 months to the day Troy and I were hitched. It's weird to think it's already been 7 months and it's also weird to think it's only been 7 months!

This weekend Troy and I got to spend ALL weekend together and it was SO MUCH fun. Friday night we did nothing but be lazy. Troy picked up The Pie pizza on his way home from work and we bought The Hangover and just ate pizza and watched a movie. With school finally being over we were both in need of alone time. And we got just what we needed.

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