Thursday, December 17, 2009

no more teachers! no more books!

....until january. boo. Oh well I graduate in August! woo hoo!

I was a domestic goddess yesterday and I just wanted to share that with everyone. My house has been rather neglected (to say the least) during the past 3 weeks while I have been preparing for finals and got scheduled an unusually large amount as well. So after my last final yesterday and finding out that all of my therapy sessions with Max were cancelled because his parents are ripping out the ceiling in his therapy room because it leaks... I decided to clean my house! I vacuumed, I dusted OH DID I DUST! I put away laundry, scrubbed the toilet AND the bath tub, the dishes, washed the sheets, MADE THE BED (that never happens). My house is SOOO clean! i love it. I also made delicious Christmas treats AND had dinner ready by the time my husband got home. I could totally be a stay at home mom. I love not having school or work!

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