Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Oh Troy...

I honestly cannot make myself do my homework. I have mentally checked out for the remaining 3 weeks of school. CRAP. So I thought I'd post this video of my darling husband. I may not be a football fan but watching Troy watch a Ducks game is hilarious! I secretly video taped this on Saturday. CLASSIC TROY. Sorry for the poor quality it's from my phone. This is a typical reaction to a touch down...

The dialogue you can't really hear...
Troy: "Are you recording me?"
Me: "Yeah because I want to show you how big of a dork you are!"

Monday, November 23, 2009

One year ago...

A year ago this month (November 7th to be exact) I had knee surgery. Ok it was a scope... but it sounds cooler when I say surgery. It was awful. It hurt. I took a lot of drugs that relieved my pain but made me feel super nauseated all of the time and constipated (that's gross I'm sorry but it's true!). For a week I had an immobilizer on and I couldn't shower or change my underwear without the help of my dear old mom. THAT'S embarrassing being 21 and having to have your mom help clothe and bathe you. And have you ever tried to go to the bathroom and try to keep one of you legs perfectly straight?? It takes a lot of talent and patience. I also ended up being in that 1% of patients they warn you about who have a lot of pain and scar tissue. I ended up having to use crutches and as Troy so kindly put it "walked like a zombie" when I didn't use them. It really was a horrible experience and I'm not looking forward to having my other knee done when it too decides to quit on me. I had to completely re-learn how to walk. I remember sitting at school and watching people walk and then trying to copy them. Then my knee would randomly give out and I would have to clutch on to the nearest pole, wall, person, etc... I did get a temporary disabled parking pass at school though. That made up for a lot of the torment. I found these pictures on my phone's sim card today... thought I'd share with you my disgusting swollen knee....

Here is the very first picture of my knee! This was taken literally moments after the
wrap/leg immobilizer was taken off my leg for the first time. It had been about 5 or 6 days since my surgery. My leg looks like a holiday ham. Just in time for Thanksgiving!

The other side in all of its swollen glory.

This photo and the next two were taken a few days after the "unveiling" of my new and improved knee

And this one was taken so you could compare the size of my knee caps. This photo was taken a few weeks after my surgery. it literally took FOREVER for the swelling to go down.
My savior at the U. I got the BEST parking :)

And just for good measure...
My healthy healed knee! And I swear my leg is not deformed despite what the last pic seems to show...Some how with my sweats bunched up like that it looks like my upper thigh is curving to the right. weird...

Monday, November 16, 2009

What would you do?

I HAD to share this story that one of my good friends told me today about her experience at work today. I about died laughing. And because it's a bit of a personal nature I will conceal their identity and call them....hmmm....Charlie.

So Charlie was at work today when a sudden bout of diarrhea hit her. Charlie quickly made it to the bathroom and did what one does in the bathroom. As Charlie reached for the toilet paper she realized to her own dismay there was none! She thought "no big deal" seeing as she was in one of those bathrooms with only one toilet not one of those stall type bathrooms, "I'll check under the sink!" No such luck. "I'll just use a paper towel!" She quickly realized she was in trouble...paper towels were also out. Faced with a dilemma she had to think on her feet, she had to get creative. She didn't exactly want to announce to the whole office she had diarrhea... So what did she do? She reached into the garbage and pulled out the used paper towels to wipe her bum!

ha! GENIUS. I don't think it would have ever crossed my mind!
Kinda gross but good idea!
i love funny poo stories.
Thanks for sharing love!
You absolutely positively made my day with that story!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Saturday the 14th!

So I'm not a very superstitious person. In fact I didn't even connect that dots that it was "Friday the 13th" yesterday until someone mentioned it this morning. Yesterday was an alright day. Nothing out of the ordinary...I guess the only bad luck I had on "Friday the 13th" was that Max was not a super happy camper yesterday. He had a 30 minute tantrum that left me sweaty from trying to control him and 2 big bruises on my calves. He hucked a toy rocket launcher at my face too! Luckily he missed. Other than that...not bad.

Today however...Saturday the 14th was hell. It started out fine... slept in until about 8:15am and got to work by 9am. Then I noticed the ENTIRE rec center parking lot was full. I knew that was a bad sign. I should have just turned around and went home right then. We had a hockey tournament AND a swim meet AND junior jazz practice all going on at the very same time. Today, was also the first day of snow and something about snow makes people think "let's go ice skating!" So we had about 300 people come to ice skate. There was an insane amount of people there. And then the real kicker...I realized it was the last day of sign ups for the second session of junior jazz. First of all, I LOATHE junior jazz season. Everyone is ridiculous about junior jazz and whose team their kid is on and bla bla bla.

So saturday mornings are typically slow at the SDRC but TODAY we had a line out the door by 10am. And it wasn't so much a line as a mass of people all congregated together trying to make their way to one of us.

I then quickly came to the realization that the 3 other girls who were working with me were ALL new. I was the only supervisor there so that meant that everyone was going to be moving slow and asking me a lot of questions. How it slipped Mary's mind to schedule 3 new people on the last day of Jr. Jazz sign ups I'll never know. So for 7 hours of my day I was bombarded by anxious/annoyed customers and annoying questions by my co-workers. I typically don't mind helping my co-workers. I am the supervisor. That is my job. But today was just not the day.

Then at around 11:30am our computers decided to freeze. Like completely stopped working. When they started working again our computer system Sportsman wouldn't let us sign up anyone who wasn't previously in our system. DID I MENTION THAT IT WAS THE LAST DAY OF JUNIOR JAZZ SIGN UPS AND WE HAD A CONSTANT LINE OUT OF THE DOOR????

While in the midst of all of this I was helping people as fast as I possibly could when two GROWN MEN came up to me at the same time and got in a fight about who was next in line. I kid you not! I seriously thought they were going to start throwin' down WWE style! I didn't help either of them. I was too afraid of upsetting the other person if I started helping one of them. They were THAT mad. It was THAT busy. I stood there in shock while they yelled at one another until one of the other girls finished helping someone and I quickly directed one of them to her and I helped the other one.

I was basically running like a chicken with my head cut off today. Not fun. Then the girl who was supposed to come in for me was 20 minutes late. And I was off on my till. I didn't end up leaving until 4:15 and I was supposed to get off at 3.

I feel like I haven't had a weekend at all. I came home and have been doing homework ever since.

boo :(

Thursday, November 12, 2009

random thoughts

So I am embarrassed to admit that I love watching the TV show 18 kids and counting... But every time I watch it I hope that one day I can be a mom like Michelle Duggar. Not the whole having 18 kids, wearing skirts all the time and having big hair thing... but she is probably the most patient, friendly and sweet person. I think she is a terrific example of a good mom and just a good person. I also watched John and Kate Plus 8 (i'm a huge reality show watcher) and the difference between these 2 moms is night and day. I really doubt that I'll ever be as patient, friendly and sweet as Michelle Duggar but I hope maybe I can be a little day.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Seeing red.

Work and school have been HECTIC for troy and I this week. As usual we barely got to see each other. We went to the Jazz game on Saturday and bought matching Boozer jerseys (jersies?). He's my favorite player despite the fact that everyone hates him. Our section won the loudest/rowdiest section of the night. Which basically meant that we got showered in confetti and nothing else. Unfortunately the Jazz LOST. I was crushed and in a bad mood for the rest of the night.

I've been rockin' my glasses all day today.

because this morning I woke up with this...

it hurts and I have no idea how I did it.

I've burst a blood vessel in my eye one other time when I had bronchitis and I coughed so hard the vessels in my eye burst. This is a mystery burst and is pretty painful but lucky for me you can't really see it unless you look really closely because it's so high up on my eye.

Monday, November 2, 2009

My husband is a crazy person.

So My husband is insane. I LOVE HIM. But I think he is clinically insane when it comes to a little team called the Oregon Ducks. October the 31st to any other person I know was just Halloween but to Troy it was the holy grail of Ducks games. Halloween night. Black out game. Against USC (another PAC 10 team)...he had been talking about it for weeks. Here is why he is crazy. Luckily my camera was next to me to capture the moment...

Here is Troy literally sitting on the edge of his seat

moved from couch to crouching position

then to standing position...
and I'm 90% sure shortly after this photo is when Oregon scored and he got so excited that he jumped up and hit his head on our light fixture! He didn't even notice...

after the head incident he stuck to his crouched position.

So that is why I think he is crazy. In case you are wondering Oregon won. They killed USC. My husband was happy which means I was happy :)

In other sports news...
JAZZ WON ON FRIDAY! and I was there!
Mo-Tab sang the national anthem
Unfortunately they are getting their butts handed to them as I speak. Or type. whatever.
I'm pretty sure this game is aggravating my ulcer.

Ah-mazing! They sounded like a recording.

Final score! GO JAZZ!

our Jazz hats

Bret Michaels and groupie

My sweet tats for my costume. Yes that is Popeye.