Friday, August 28, 2009


I've been wanting a hobby for a long time. I mean I HAVE HOBBIES. But none of which I think of as hobbies that people find acceptable as an answer to when someone asks "What are your hobbies?" Like I don't think I love reality television is an acceptable hobby. There is shopping but that's so....cliche. I like to sing. No i love to sing. But then when I tell people this they think that I'm like a superb singer (which i'm ok but not superb) ask me to join ward choir (which I'm not interested in) or have even asked me to sing for them (which I just will not do). Singing in front of people is like one of my greatest fears. I hate it. i get all sweaty and my voice shakes like crazy. I could say blogging. Then people might ask what my blog is...and find out I'm not funny and have horrible grammar. Or that I really don't blog often enough to call it a hobby.

I've tried cooking. Which I enjoy but I don't think I enjoy it enough to call it a hobby. I really like to read but then people ask me what I've read and I haven't read anything of noteworthy-ness. I don't read the classics. I find them boring. I tried to read Oliver Twist once i made it to like page 10. I've seen the movies Sense and Sensibility and Pride and Prejudice. Both of which I thought were horribly dull. I suppose it could be the acting...or the director who unfortunately made them dull but they've already been ruined. I've read Harry Potter and Twilight...but even people who don't like to read have read those. I just read weird books from the library with titles that intrigue me. I find myself reading books that have now become movies. I like to read but I never know what to read. So I figure if it's good enough to be a movie it's probably a good read. I'm currently reading a book titled "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society" (courtesy of my book worm mom) It's pretty great. It's about WWII one of my absolute favorite topics.

I've stumbled upon a hobby that I think I might enjoy and I think is an acceptable hobby. Beading. I know it sounds lame but I want to make jewelry. I enjoy using the right side of my brain (or is it the left?) well let's just say the creative side of my brain. At Troy's family reunion his aunt brought a long the biggest collection of beads i have ever seen. And she let everyone make a bracelet. I loved it! And everyone gave me all of these compliments saying "Wow, Leslie you are so creative!" "That is so cute!" "I love those color combinations!" "You should think of making jewelry!" His aunt even let me make 2 bracelets! and I love them both. And I started to really consider it. In fact it's been on my mind for about a month now. I just haven't started because it costs quite a bit of money to get started. I keep looking at all of these awesome beads on ebay and other websites and thinking of all these ideas for necklaces, bracelets and earrings!

I really think it would be fun. But I should go. It's 3:45pm and I've done nothing with my life today.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

summer so far.

Troy and I have been married for almost 3 whole months! I've said it a hundred times before but i loooove marriage! Actually I think I just love being married to troy. He's great. I think we've both got these crazy personalities that just match. we always burst out into random dancing and just do weird things. We're going camping this weekend. I'm sorta excited. I'm afraid it's going to be like last year and I'm going to freeze to death. At least this year troy and I get to share a tent :) unlike last year when I had to sleep in the trailor with his parents. School starts soon and I can't find a last class. I need to email a teacher and ask if it's alright to join an already filled to capacity class...i'm praying she says yes. or else i don't know what to do with the rest of my classes. I can't change my schedule anymore because of work. so it has to be an online class. and the two online classes that i wanted to take are full. LAME. I feel like I have a lame life right now. I don't have anything new to report. Except i got a new job working with a little boy who has autism. I do therapy with him 4 times a week. His name is Max and he is so adorable. He's almost 3. It's hard work and I don't really love it but its given me a lot of experience already and new view on autism and parenting and many other things. It's really cool to teach him new things and to finally see him get something and just watch him progress. He's incredibly smart. It's definitely a good job for right now. but not forever. All I've done this summer is work pretty much. I am definitely pasty white haven't seen much sun. So thats my life.