Thursday, October 1, 2009

no one knows

I got my necklace in the mail today!!!! super cute! worth my money! and definitely nice that she was offering free shipping for the month of september! You should check the lady out who made my necklace at Etsy. BelaKoiDesigns. I think her stuff is really unique and totally cute! Anywho... not what I was thinking about blogging about. I was just SUPER excited.

Last night I was watching the movie Blood Diamond. If you haven't seen it I sincerely recommend it. Even though the story line of the movie is fictional I think it's incredibly eye opening to a very real situation. It makes me so grateful to live in the U.S. we really do have it good here and sometimes I think a lot of people complain about our country unnecessarily. Even though I've seen the movie before, a line in the movie really struck me....

"No one knows which path will lead him to God."

The context in which the line was said was while Leonardo DiCaprio's character was talking to a man who had taken in victim children of the wars going on in the country. These children had horrible things done to them, many of the children had missing limbs or even had done terrible things because they were forced to join the rebel armies. These kids had been brain washed and had killed men, women and children or cut off the limbs of others. I know the movie is fictional and the man who spoke the line (the man who had taken in the children) is also fictional but I believe there are people out there who truly believe and have faith like him. Bad things happen to good people and people can do horrible things. But that's what is so beautiful about the atonement. You can return to Heavenly Father. I do believe that we go through certain things and trials in our life to draw ourselves closer to God. I also know it sounds so contradictory to say that sometimes people do things that are wrong possibly to become closer God. It is a very fine line. It has to be. But I also believe that some people need to learn things the hard way. For whatever reason it may be. I'm not even going to pretend I know why. I just look at it this way... In the beginning, Adam and Eve were commanded two things..."multiply and replenish earth and don't eat the apple. But here's the catch you can't keep the first commandment without breaking the second." Well something to that effect. I'm not a seminary teacher give me break!

I'm not looking into getting into a big debate about whether or not people sin for a reason. It's all confusing and something I don't think I'll ever comprehend. And I believe it's an incredibly FINE line. I just like that quote a lot, "No one knows which path will lead him to God." So we shouldn't judge. We don't know where people have been and we don't know where they are going. All we can do is love them and encourage them to head in the right direction and trust that Heavenly Father knows what he doing.... Definitely a goal I should work on :)

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