Tuesday, December 22, 2009

cough, cough

today at work (rec center work, not max work).

I choked on POPCORN. The kind of hacking and gagging, eyes watering, cherry red face kind of choking. And of course it had to happen while I was on the phone with a customer. In the middle of my sentence a little piece of popcorn that lodged itself in the crevasse of my molar came loose and flew down my lungs just as I was about to explain prices on a family membership.

I tried to hold my cough in but I quickly realized this cough was un-stifle-able. Full on cough attack. I cough for a good 10 seconds to the point I feel I can barely choke out "ca-an y-ou ho-uh-ld o-n?" and I put the call on hold and ask my co-worker in the same voice
"ca-an yo-u fin-ish m-y ca-all?"

I then hear Jessica say "Sorry about that...I think she's coughing up a lung."

I'm choking and coughing and gagging and dying with eyes watering uncontrollably. My coughs are literally throwing my body forward and hide in my managers office where everyone precedes to make fun of me.
After a few minutes I can finally breathe like a human again.

But that was bad.

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