Monday, October 25, 2010

Month Seven

I've been in my seventh month and my third trimester for a whole week now. Other than I feel huge and my wardrobe selections are really starting to dwindle I feel great for a pregnant woman! Well I am getting pretty uncomfortable. I would be lying if I said I feel 100% great. Apparently my round ligaments hate being pregnant. They're pulled and tired and painful. I had a doctor's appointment last wednesday where my awesome doctor Dr. Holmes informed me my pubic bone is spreading. Gag me! That happens?? Which she told me can be very painful to some people. You are looking at the lucky some!

I'm just not looking forward to getting bigger and more uncomfortable. I already feel like a whale. 11 more weeks!

Here I am at 29 weeks (7 months)

And look who found her camera!! Now I just need to find the charger...

And on my camera I found this awesome picture of me at 5 months...and I thought I looked pregnant...ha!
My butt totally fills out those pants now. I have a butt for the first time in my life!

Friday, October 22, 2010


I don't mind if someone asks to feel my stomach to feel the baby.


If you come up to me and put both hands on my stomach and proceed to stick your face an inch from my stomach and then start talking baby talk to the baby (aka my stomach).It's just weird. It also makes me feel reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally uncomfortable.

And I will remove your hands.
And your face.
And back away.

Even if I know you pretty well. Just don't do it.

Unless, you are my husband.
But he doesn't even do this.

Monday, October 18, 2010


I know that I've talked about before how I looove blogs about re-doing old furniture. I've read and read and read about how to do it. And now I can finally say that I've done it!!

Troy and I finally have matching dressers for our bedroom! And it was suuper cheap! One of my best friends mom gave us these dressers for *free* because they didn't need them anymore. And with all of the supplies we needed to get plus the hardware it ended up costing us $70. That's $35 dollars a dresser! Dare I say thrifty??

Yes there are 2 of them but they look pretty much identical so I only took the picture of the one. Troy's dresser has a fan on top and Oregon Duck memorabilia (what else?). The dressers were in really good condition and we only had to do a few minor fixes that my super handy husband fixed right up! I really can't take too much credit for these dressers. I did help out with the sanding and I picked out the pulls. But it was Troy who painted and distressed the dressers. I think he did a fantastic job! Isn't he great? I do also have to give some thanks to my father in law who helped Troy drill the holes for the for the handles!

I do have one more dresser project that is in the works. It's for the baby's room and all that really needs to be done is some holes drilled for the new handles and then it'll be finished. It's been that way for a few weeks now. We've been a little slow but as for right now we have no where to put it until our spare room gets cleaned out. So it's patiently waiting in Troy's parents garage. And that project I can take most of the credit for!!

Here's a teaser for the before....

I painted it a vintage white and glazed it with a light brown. So far I love how it turned out!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010


I read this today, and I really liked it.

"The seeming flat periods of life give us a blessed chance to reflect upon what is past as well as to be readied for some rather stirring climbs ahead. Instead of grumbling and murmuring, we should be consolidating and reflecting, which would not happen if life were an uninterrupted sequence of fantastic scenery, confrontive events, or exhilarating conversation.

Patience helps us to use, rather than protest, these seeming flat periods of life, becoming filled with quiet wonder over the past and with anticipation for that which may lie ahead, instead of demeaning the particular flatness through which we may be passing at the time.

We should savor even the seemingly ordinary times, for life cannot be made up of all kettledrums and crashing cymbals. There must be some flutes and violins. Living cannot be all crescendo; there must be some counterpoint."

-Neal A Maxwell, Patience 1979

Friday, October 8, 2010


Where has my sleep gone? That's what I want to know. Last I checked I'm not expecting a baby until January... I thought I might be able to get a couple months of sleep in before that. I suppose I was wrong.

This child never stops kicking me. All night long she's rolling around or kicking me. All day long it's the same thing. When she finally stops I start getting paranoid because her movements are so constant that the silence in my belly makes me think something is wrong. So then again I can't sleep.

Also, my doctor thinks I pulled a muscle or a ligament in my groin/lower abdominal region or possibly gave myself an early hernia. So every time I need to change positions in the middle of the night it's really painful. Which also isn't exactly helpful to my sleep either.

Not to mention the middle of the night bathroom breaks that have gone from one to two trips in the past few days.

So long sleep. I will miss you for the next 30 years...

Monday, October 4, 2010

I had a pretty great weekend! Minus the part where I only saw my husband (awake) for about 5 hours out of a total of 48 hours. Saturday and Sunday Troy worked at the church office building doing all the catering deliveries for Conference. Friday night we had a date night which was really fun. We made breakfast for dinner together. He made the stuff for breakfast burritos and I made mini pancake muffins which I got from bakerella. It was delicious! Then we went and saw The Social Network at the new old gateway 8 in bountiful. Troy and I love going there now that it's been updated. Movies are $6 a person! We both thought the movie was pretty interesting.

I looooove spending time with Troy and we don't get to do it as often now that school has started again and he has all night classes.

On Thursday night my mom and I went to the Farmer's Market in Bountiful where we bought the cutest baby booties that will be perfect for a blessing dress!

I know it sounds weird but these booties have made it more real to me that I'm having a baby. More real than all of the clothes I've gotten, or the dresser I've redone (pictures to come!), the blankets, even more real than the constant kicking and rolling in my stomach. These have been sitting on my dresser the past few days and every time I see them I have a mini panic attack. Little tiny baby feet are going to go in there! Little tiny baby feet that belong to a real baby who will be m.i.n.e. forever. For-ev-er. I can't even begin to describe the mix of feelings I have between being completely petrified and pure joy.

I've also finally decided on bedding. Since apparently I am more picky than the average human being and unwilling to spend $200+ on bedding I have decided to make my own bedding. Well I don't know if I'm going to be the one to actually make the bedding. I know a few people who sew, so I'm hoping one of them will be willing to help me out!

These will be the fabrics I'm using for the bedding! Sorry it's a crappy cell phone picture I keep losing my camera. You can notice that the fabrics are girly but free of butterflies or cartoon animals. I can't wait until it's all done! Now we just need a crib!

I have several more projects in the works for the baby's room.
  • a bow board
  • a mobile
  • a sign with her name on it with cute modge podge letters
and I'm sure I'll think of more things along the way!