Sunday, July 22, 2012


Anyone remember this post from last year about my BHAG? 
well I never did run it. 
I just wasn't where I should have been mentally to run 6 miles. 
Well folks... on tuesday I am doing it. I am finally completing my BHAG one year later. 
I am running the deseret news 10k. 
I am signed up and everything. I'm a little nervous. 
But mostly really excited! 
I've been training hard and I am ready! 

cross your fingers that I beat Troy.
That's part two of my goal.
He just doesn't know it.

Izzie's 1st Birthday... 6 months later

I lost my camera shortly after Izzie's first birthday. Never did I think to look in our video camera side pocket for it... We never pull out the video camera. Sadly, we only use our phones for videos. Izzie's birthday was super fun... Maybe not for her. She didn't seem to like it one bit.  She was still in a stranger danger phase (even though 95% of the attendees were not strangers). We had the party at the rec center {where I work} which explains the ugly yellow cinder block walls. I know the party wasn't anything special. Sometimes Pinterest makes you feel like a failure of a mom for not throwing a lavish get together. But it was fun and delicious all same!

So in case you weren't there to celebrate with us (or maybe you were but you'd like to reminisce...) Here are the pictures.

Cake pops my awesome boss made! They say "Izzie"

I am no party decorator... 

Strawberry and Vanilla Cupcakes

Both Grandmas

Trying to convince Izzie to eat her cake

Definitely not interested.... 

Cake Smash Fail

Thanks to those who came! Izzie loves you all equally.