Wednesday, August 11, 2010

random thought.

I was very contemplative today.
I've been trying to figure out what i'm supposed to do next now that i'm all graduated.
I was seriously so frustrated.
So I said out loud to myself
"I wish someone would just tell me what I'm supposed to do next!"

and then...

My baby kicked me.

I literally laughed out loud.

I suppose God does let you know what your next move is.
sometimes its a really really REALLY big surprise.
Thankfully for me
he's letting me know 9 months in advance.


  1. It's sweet and funny. Being a mom is hard work but it's fun. Though some days I wish I worked just so I could get a break but then even after it's been a rough day and I get a break from him I just want to be with bryson. and it doesn't pay real glamorous either, in fact you are losing money from it but it's a great job.