Wednesday, August 4, 2010

30 things: Days 18, 19 & 20

Day 18: Today..... I will work on my sense of humor.

I like to think I'm a funny person. I probably think I'm more funny than I actually am. I think my friends tend to laugh at me more than they laugh with me. And that's ok. I do dumb stuff a lot. It's just fact. One thing I appreciate about my husband is that he genuinely thinks I'm funny.

I don't know how one really goes about working on their sense of humor but today I spent a good 20 minutes watching clips from Fail Blog off of youtube. If you can't laugh while watching this video I think YOU need to work on your sense of humor. I would start off by watching fail blog... HILARIOUS.

Day 19: Today...... I'll do a "secret service"

Sorry kiddos. I can't tell you what I did. Then it wouldn't be a secret. You're supposed to do one nice thing for someone, anyone and not tell a soul. It can be leaving a nice anonymous note for someone, leaving flowers on a door step, some sort of donation. My lips are sealed. But I dare you to try it!!

Day 20: Today...... I'll learn something useless

I know thats weird. Why on earth would knowing something useless make me a better person? It probably won't. But I'll be way more fun to talk to! Troy's friend Nick knows useless information about practically every topic you could ever come up with. I'm convinced he actually makes up like 94% of these facts. For instance, he once told me that scientists were looking into using cat urine as a new possible fuel for cars... cat urine? i don't think so. It definitely makes conversation more interesting... so here is my useless knowledge I have learned today...

A hump back whale's milk is 54% fat. This could one day prove useful... If I'm ever faced with a decision such as trying to decide between Orca or hump back whale milk while stranded on a desert island? maybe?

p.s. I am going on a camping trip the next 4 days and I am therefore on a temporary 30 day hiatus for 4 days because I will almost probably, most likely forget. I may do one... I make no promises.

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