Tuesday, August 10, 2010

30 things: Day 21

Today.... I will not complain.

I think I'm a chronic complainer. I do it all of the time. I think mostly because I've enjoyed getting my way pretty much my whole life (but honestly who doesn't?).

Yesterday I had plenty of opportunity to complain. I wanted yesterday to be a learning experience and to not be about me being a martyr and taking one for the team in silence. I think as a human being I can use the practice at telling people what I want versus complaining about something I'm not getting.

Sadly my dear sweet husband gets about 90% of my complaints.

"Why did you do this?"
Why didn't you know I wanted this? I always do _____ this way"
"How come you're not doing that?"

I really need to master the art of "Thanks for your help, next time would you mind doing ____?"

So yesterday I did not complain. Which took a lot of self discipline. I think it helped a lot though. It opened communication a lot more and I think that Troy was even more willing to do things when I asked nicely or made suggestions instead of complaining that he was doing something wrong.

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  1. i am inspired, i will try to do the same!thanks... and by the way, way to go!