Sunday, August 1, 2010

30 things: Days 12-17

um... So I officially sucked at blogging this week. Considering I've been schooling it up like crazy since i GRADUATE from COLLEGE on wednesday I forgive myself. I hope you can too.

I'll make these fast except my favorite one I did this week...

Day 12: Today.... I will do my part to stop world hunger.

I know as a member of the LDS faith that I have helped contribute to this quite often through tithes and fast offerings. I was wondering what I should do on Monday for this challenge and I read a blog article that I will not link because it just really made me upset. Some lady (who I've never even met just a random blog I came across) was on some rant about how she thinks that things such as free lunch programs at school are bogus. And how the government should not be apart of helping hungry people get food and that people should have to rely on themselves and their families if they are starving. I understand being upset at people who take advantage of such programs but REALLY? If i'm happy about being taxed at all it's to help others get a meal.

So it really got me thinking about people who might be poor and may not have access to the bishops store house or other things the church has to offer those in need. I wanted to help those people. So I got a box and went to my food storage in search of unexpired canned/dry goods. I got my box of food and headed to the Bountiful Food Pantry.

I have decided from this experience that not too many ordinary people must walk in with box of food to donate on a regular basis. I went right before the pantry closed and it was packed. I'd never been before and had to clue what I was doing. I was dodging people left and right who were darting to get what little items were left on the shelf. I mean there was enough food there for everyone but it was surprisingly or not so surprisingly bare. Except for bread. They had A LOT of bread. I kept looking for someone to take my small (yet incredibly heavy) box but everyone there thought I was there to pick up food. "You need to go sign in before we close if you want food." and I kept saying "No i just want to donate this." so they would give me a shocked look and say "oh! well then you need to go over there!" Finally someone took my food.

I felt pretty good. I would like to make this more regular. I think a lot of people only think about donating food around the holidays and I can tell you...the Bountiful pantry needs food. Go donate some!

Day 13: Today.... I will read for no reason.

I love reading. But lately with school, work, internship my leisurely reading has been cut to zero. I made time for myself and read some of Eat, Pray, Love. I want to finish it before it comes out in the theater in the next couple of weeks. I've missed reading.

Day 14: Today... I will study (my scriptures)

I gave the kids the challenge of just studying for school or whatever. Since I already study pretty much every day I decided to do some scripture study which I admit I have not been doing every day.

Day 15: Today... I will meditate.

Meditation is freaking hard. I wasn't even sure how to do it. I felt like an idiot doing the "omm" thing since I don't even know what "omm" means. So I decided to lay on my bed and try to be all zen. I completely fell asleep. It was nice though.

Day 16: Today... I will enjoy nature.

I went up to Mill Hollow with Troy and his parents for a couple of hours to pick out a camping spot for our trip next week. I've never been to Mill Hollow but can I just tell you that it is THE most beautiful part of the Uintas that I have ever been too? Wild flowers EVERYWHERE, a herd of sheep, rolling hills and meadows, streams, a lake. I'm so excited for camping next weekend!

Day 17: Today... I will relax.

Best. idea. ever.

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  1. Leslie.. I found your blog through Mallory's and can I just tell you that you are awesome?! Your daily goals inspire me to do that as well and be a better person. I'm excited for you and your little one coming and you enjoying life!
    ~Sammi Wright :)