Thursday, August 26, 2010

In case you haven't heard...

we're having a girl!!!

It was so much fun to see her on the ultrasound. My favorite part was seeing her and feeling her at the same time. I could feel a jab and realize that was her foot or her head. Already she's a stubborn little thing. She moves around like crazy in my belly all day so the ultrasound tech had hard time getting all of the pictures that she needed to get. The doctor had to finally come in to check for the gender and it took her a good 15 minutes to get a somewhat distinguishable picture of her girl parts. We never did get a good picture or her spine because she literally kept turning around in circles every time the doctor tried. The doctor said that based on how much she was moving around and that everything looked great in her brain that most likely everything with the spine was perfectly normal. Other than that everything looked great!
After the appointment they gave us a few pictures and a DVD of the entire ultrasound. That was really cool. I've already watched it twice!

I've fallen in love with her.

I tried posting pictures but blogger is being dumb and not letting me. I'll try again later!!


  1. It's amazing how you can feel after looking at an ultrasound.

  2. <3 oh we love her already too! I am so excited for you and troy, you will be great parents! so are you going to stick with the dinasuar theme or maybe butterflies since you have some cute stuff for that?

  3. I love that you're having a girl!! We'll see in a few days if she'll have a best friend or a boy friend!