Monday, August 23, 2010

30 things catch up, Days 22-30

I haven't posted because the charger on my laptop decided to commit suicide. I was catching up on a missed episode of Teen Mom online when I heard a very curious "zap zap!" sound. I investigated and found that my power cord was smoking. I quickly unplugged it. Luckily my laptop is fine, my charger is not. I have yet to buy a new charger. Those things are expensive!! That's when I realized that I have the use of Troy's laptop at my disposal. So voila!

Since it's been a while I don't really remember which "day" I did each day... My apologies.

Day 22: Today... I will spend time with a friend.

I got to hang out with my good friend Angela. I haven't seen her since her cute daughter Emery was a few months old. And she's almost 2!! We went to lunch at cafe rio and caught up on each others lives and gossiped.

Day 23: Today... I will finish something I started.

I finished reading Eat Pray Love. It was a really good book but the part where she was in India was really hard for me to get through. It was really dull to me. It was all about her struggle with meditating. I had quit reading it for awhile. And normally I read really fast. I was going to see the movie with my friends and wanted to read the whole thing before. I powered through that book!

Day 24: Today... I'll make good use of my time

Since graduating. Quitting my job and the end of my internship I've had a lot of free time and I admit that a lot of that time has been well wasted. Sleeping in, tv watching, blog stalking. I cleaned our bedroom and our bathroom. Did 2 loads of laundry including folding and I made dinner. I feel so much better about myself when I'm not a big lazy.

Day 25: Today... I'll get moving.

Just like I admitted on Day 24, I've been pretty lazy. I went to the gym and did an hour of cardio. I got nice and sweaty. It felt great!

Day 26: Today.... I'll put money into perspective

Since Troy and I are entering into a new chapter in our lives I've come to the disappointing realization that "fun money" will not be as easy to come by for the next 20+ years. We've been needing to re-budget. So I did. Goodbye money. It was nice having a little bit of you for awhile.

Day 27: Today... I'll appreciate where I live.

Living with my mom wasn't exactly how I pictured my life at 23, married and expecting a baby. And I've had a bit of an ungrateful attitude about it. When I think about it though I'm really so lucky. Troy and I have decided to stay longer than just the fall. In fact, we're planning on living here for awhile when the baby is born. In January we'll have a new baby, hospital expenses, Troy will be starting his first semester at the University of Utah (and the tuition that goes along with that), and I will be out of work caring for our baby for a couple of months. My mom is so kind and generous. She has offered us her bedroom since its upstairs next to the office and is letting us turn the office in to the baby's room. Our little bedroom down stairs is barely big enough for the 2 of us. No room to put a baby. I really do appreciate all that my mom does for us.

Day 28: Today... I will learn to cook something new.

My favorite food is italian. My favorite restaurant is the Olive Garden. I found the recipe online for Capellini Pomodoro. And I made it. It was SUPER easy and pretty darn healthy. And tasty :)

Day 29: Today... I'll live in the moment.

I've struggled a lot with always looking toward the future. I'd find myself saying things like, "I'll be happy when I graduate," "Tomorrow is going to be so much fun." What's wrong with today? I focused on being happy with today. Focusing on enjoying whatever is going on around me. Hanging out with my mom, enjoying the company of my dogs, spending the last dwindling moments of "Leslie and Troy."

Day 30: Today... I'll be creative.

I regularly read two blogs All Things Thrifty and The Frosted Gardner. I've been wanting to refinish some old furniture for a while now and these two blogs inspire me every day! I've never really gotten around to it. So I finally did! I went to DI and bought me a little dresser for the baby's room. And I'm so excited to refinish it!! The same day I bought the baby's dresser I got offered 2 free MATCHING dressers. An offer I couldn't refuse! Troy and I have mis matched bedroom furniture. I've been wanting a matching bedroom set since we said "I do." Unfortunately, we're poor as crap students. So now I've taken on not ONE but THREE re-finishing projects. I've never re-finished anything in my life. I'M SO EXCITED.

Sorry this post was forever long.

But we find out if we're having a boy or a girl on Wednesday!!! wahoo!!


  1. I'm struggling with the India part. Who cares about the struggles of meditation!

  2. refinishing... i'd have to do it in one day or it wouldn't get done. i get burned out on that pretty quick, sanding gets oldeeeeeeee. GOOD LUCK! i can't wait to see how it comes out. but even more darn excited about the baby news!!

  3. It's Wednesday... Is it a Boy or Girl?? It was so much fun seeing you the other day! We need to get together more often. We should start doing some cute crafts for your baby :)! I am ready Eat, Pray, Love right now. Have you seen the movie yet? If not we should go!