Wednesday, March 3, 2010

what to do...

So Troy and I have been discussing what we're going to do after we graduate this summer. I will have my bachelors and Troy will finally have his associates! woohoo! We're debating what school he should go to. There are only 3 schools that offer his degree (which is now athletic training not pre physical therapy) Weber, Utah, SUU. Weber is pretty much out. And since I'm an SUU alumnus (thats where I got my associates) and a soon to be utah alumnus. I'm for either! I find we're both really leaning toward SUU. I loved SUU! So why did I leave you may wonder? I just knew my time there was over and I needed to be home. And I met my sweet husband 3 months later :)

Cedar would be fun. I think we both just think it would be an adventure to go down there where we won't really know anyone. Seeing now that most of my Cedar friends now live in the good ole SLC. Rachelle my old roommate/best friend in Cedar still lives there with her husband. So that would be cool. SUU is much less expensive then the U. Housing in Cedar is wayyy cheaper too. The job market however...pretty competitive. This leaves me (soon to be bread winner) a little uneasy. I just don't know. It really could go either way!

So what do you think...



  1. SUU all the way ... if you can find a job! That will for sure be the hard part. My friend moved down there so her husband could go to their Master's program and luckily got a job with the school so his tuition was covered (or lower). Something to look into! Good luck!