Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Free time

This week is my spring break. And with NO homework and NO school I find myself with a lot of time on my hands. Today I did the dishes that hadn't been done in I won't say how long... that took a big chunk of time since we have no dishwasher, i sorted through our huge pile of mail, took out the recycling and the garbage, washed our sheets, and read about 20 posts of this blog (and consequently got a little emotional), then showered and went to work.

tomorrow I will fold all of our laundry, dust, clean the bathroom and mop. I'm most dreading the laundry folding... there is a lot of laundry. Oh the crazy life I lead! [insert sarcasm here]

so much for a spring break! MTV should come over to my house! I'd show them all how to have some good clean fun! ...yes...lame pun intended.

mtv... eat your heart out.
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  1. I read the stakers blog all the time and she always brings tears to my eyes...