Monday, March 15, 2010

Long weekend

My favorite blogs are the blogs that are honest. Which is scary on the internet...letting anyone and everyone you know (or don't know) read your thoughts. But today I'm going to try it.

I'm feeling super down today. I'm just worn out. My cousins grandpa died on Wednesday and that broke my heart. I've spent every christmas eve plus other random holidays with "Grandpa Jack" since I can remember. I loved that man. I adopted him as my own Grandpa. Since all 3 of my grandpas had passed away a long time ago. I'm officially Grandpa-less. That makes me sad.

Friday was my dads Birthday. That made me sad. He would have been 59 this year. I've had my struggles with everything involving my dad, but he was still my dad. I wish that he could meet Troy. I know that he would like him.

Saturday was Grandpa Jacks funeral. That was hard. Seeing him lying in that casket made it more real for me. Saturday I also went to visit my dads grave for the first time since his funeral 5 years ago. I felt strong and it wasn't as hard as I imagined. I'm proud of myself.

On the bright side of my sad weekend... My little "nephew" Eli turned One on Saturday and Troy and I went to Olive Garden with Shelly, John and Eli to celebrate the little man turning one. After ward we went back to Shelly and John's and made cupcakes for Eli and made a ghetto looking bear cake for him to smash. It was awesome. He just dunked his whole face in. I wish I had pictures!

Here's to hoping this week goes much better! and my Spring Break is next week! woo hoo!

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