Wednesday, March 10, 2010


So I'm house sitting at my moms right now and just chillin by myself while I wait for Troy to get home from work and I watch this. It's only like a minute and half it!

Then not even two minutes later her doorbell rings and outside is a creepy man I've never seen before. I did end up answering the door and the man was wondering if I had any garbage or metal he could have...I said no.

I'm still super creeped out. I could have died.


  1. um, wow. what a stud that kid is!

    and i have no clue how you were able to answer the door after that. i would have been waaaay too scared!

  2. Just to clear it up for everyone else... He saw me peek through the window and I felt like "crap! he saw me! now I have to answer..."