Thursday, November 10, 2011

Still here

Hello! I am definitely not dead! Just really bad about updating this blog and my food blog. Between working two jobs (both very part time but... still) being a mom, and constantly being sick I haven't done very much. It seems just as I am getting over one cold, I catch another one. Insert a little food poisoning in to the mix and you can understand how much fun I've had! Izzie has been sick as well. Just with a cold but it's made it hard for her to sleep because she can't breathe. So as many parents know, when your baby isn't sleeping... neither are you. It's been a rough month on my body. I have felt like the walking dead. I have literally spent all of my free time sleeping.

Other than being sick the Jackson crew hasn't been up to much. Just hanging out with some friends I haven't seen in a while. Troy's been busy with school,work and basketball. Izzie is getting bigger and smarter every day. We're still here. We might be a little boring but here nonetheless.

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