Friday, November 18, 2011

under construction

Please excuse my ugly blog for the next..... I have no idea how long. I'm just sick of the way it looks. It needs a face lift. Except I know little about HTML so it will take me awhile to teach myself how to anything. Not to mention figure out what I want. And since I have been so bad at blogging in general lately who knows how long it will take me to get a "blog lift".

I'm obviously toying around with a new title too... the jackson three. I don't know how I feel about it. Thoughts?I had luke warm feelings about Jacksonville as well. Any suggestions for a new title? I prefer something clever as opposed to something like "The Jacksons".

Anyone just want to do it for me?


  1. at least you have more than i do, what can you do with ellis?

  2. I actually love the name jacksonville I thought it was perfect title for the blog

  3. I like the jackson three....and i like your header the way it is right now too! your "blog lift" is looking fantastic!!

  4. The Jackson Three is fun......kinda like The Jackson Five. Clever Leslie. You could have "ABC" or "I Want You Back" continuously playing.