Saturday, October 15, 2011

Isabel: 9 months


Oh my little baby girl. You turning 9 months is officially freaking me out. I've been ok with every other month birthday. I've been excited for each new month and all of the fun new changes that come with it. This month though... You are getting much too big. You will be one year old in only 3 short months. It took me 9 months to "bake" you. It feels like just yesterday I was holding you in my arms for the very first time, scared and happy all in the same moment.

You are getting so smart. You are figuring out new things every day. You can wave hello and good bye. It's very inconsistent and takes a lot of prompting but you can do it. You have finally started real crawling, none of this army crawl stuff. You're still getting the hang of it though. It's a very mechanical crawl and looks like you're thinking really hard to be able to do it correctly. You do this really funny thing when you try to crawl in to the bathroom. You don't like crawling over the metal transition piece between the bathroom linoleum and the hall carpet. You'll stick you're bum in the air with your feet on the ground until you get on to the linoleum.

You've become quite the little explorer. You crawl all over the house now. I'm constantly chasing after you and pulling out random things from your mouth that you found on the carpet. The scariest thing I pulled out of your mouth was a piece of glass. Dad broke a plate on the kitchen floor a few weeks ago. We swept and swept. I thought we got all of it up. But you never cease to amaze us with your minuscule object finding skills. The pack n' play has become a permanent fixture in our living room. God bless the person who invented it.

You are still somewhat shy with strangers. You'll smile at them if they seem friendly enough to you. Unless they're a big tall man with a deep voice. Then you get this very serious nervous look on your face. You don't give out laughs very easily. We have to work really hard for those. You still laugh the most and the loudest for dad.

You say "mama". I'm not 100% sure you know that mama is me. You do say "mama" whenever you want my attention. And other people have noticed it too. So I like to think it's your first official word. You have also figured out how to unscrew the lid on water bottles. I have no idea how you learned this. It drives me crazy.

You love eating and we've been slowly introducing table foods to you. You love them. You've gotten quite good at picking up those little bits of food!

You are such a wonderful little person. We couldn't be more happy that you are ours.


P.S. we're still waiting for those little teeth to pop through!


  1. Her hair is getting so long, I love it! We need to hang out ASAP!!

  2. that last pic just makes my day :) she's adorable, as usual, Les!

  3. Eli is still trying to master the unscrew of the water bottle. how impressive! these pictures are totally cute! i just want to smooch her cheeks! MUAH!