Wednesday, November 30, 2011


if you know anything about eternity you know that it has no beginning and no end. I've always hated thinking about this. I've never had a problem with the no end thing... but no beginning? ugh. It gives me a head ache.

I was reading a beautiful story about a family on Vintage Revivals. She was talking about how she had a moment upon meeting her husband that she knew she was going to marry him. She said some thing about her soul recognizing him. I've heard of this before.

It made me think about the first time I met Troy. That first night I met him I remember thinking "this guy is cute! I need to stay far far away from him!" {I had only just gotten out of a very serious relationship a few months previous}

Some how I ended up having to hang out with him and some friends that next weekend. That "hang out" turned in to a semi date and it only took that night for me to know that we would get married.

Everything was easy with him. Everything was familiar with him. Even though I was just getting to know him it was like I had known him my whole life. I remember one time specifically we went to Vegas together with some friends about a month after we had met. He and I were brushing our teeth together in the hotel bathroom. I felt like I had brushed my teeth with him at least a thousand times. I kept thinking how weird that was.

I still think about that day when we brush our teeth together. Which has been at least a thousand times by now.

Mandi from Vintage Revivals wrote this, "I believe that Court and I were together before this life, the moments of recognization were real."

And some how that is when Eternity became clear to me {well at least as clear as it ever has been and probably will be}. I recognized these moments because Troy and I have been and will be together for eternity.

It's giving me a head ache again just thinking about it. But I just thought I'd share :)

....i love us....