Monday, November 28, 2011

I'm {blank} because

I was going to do this when I first read it off of Little Miss Momma last week. And then I didn't. Then Mara did it. Now I have to! :)

I'm {weird} because...
I love egg nog
I can only fall asleep in two different positions
I have dermatographia
I like taking scalding hot showers
I hate sausage
Cooking is my stress reliever
I lose everything. No really I do. Especially my phone or my keys. In fact, I have no idea where either of them is at this very moment.

I'm a {bad friend} because...
I forget to text people back. I read them and set my phone down to finish whatever I was doing and then I forget to write back.
It takes me forever to return the things I borrow.
I take things a little too personally sometimes.
I'm a home body and most of the time would prefer to stay home and watch Netflix.
I've been a little too wrapped up in my own life lately.

I'm a {good friend} because...
I try to always call a friend on their birthday (sometimes I forget or I can't do it so I text) but I always prefer to call my friends on their birthday instead of text or FB.
I'm a good listener
I accept different views/opinions/beliefs. Just be you.
If you call and tell me you need me... I'll be there asap.

I'm {sad} because...
We're in a bit of a financial drought.
I still don't fit in to all of my pre-pregnancy jeans.
My baby is almost a one year old!
I really really want to go to grad school but that won't happen for a very long time.

I'm {happy} because...
I have the cutest little girl!
I have the most incredible supportive husband!
We just got a bunch of our dishes out of storage and it's nice to be using our own things again.
I'm actually excited for Christmas for the first time since my dad died.

I'm excited for...
Christmas :)
Izzie's first birthday.
Spending time together as a family.
Izzie opening her birthday and christmas presents
Learning how to cook new things!
Candy cane cookies!


  1. leslie youre fantastic. i love you. lets have a cooking night again.

  2. Totes love the Candy Cane cookies! And yes - I just said "Totes."

  3. I feel your pain about grad school

    But I also love that you are such a great friend...even after all the crap I did to you!

    You are amazing!

    Enough Said.