Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mrs. Jackson

That's my official PE teacher name. It's weird. I have a whistle and everything {yeah, I'm legit}. Yesterday was my first day teaching and HOLY HANNAH is it hard work. I think I have a lot of bad karma coming my way too. I was a nightmare student when it came to PE. I was that kid who thought I was being funny when I was actually being really obnoxious. I never followed instructions. Please kind.

My first day went a little something like this...

Hi I'm Mrs. Jackson, rules, rules, yada yada, YELLING YELLING, whistle blowing, almost broke my ankle, got told I had armpit sweat, more yelling, walking from one end of the school to the other, standing in the heat ALL.DAY., made a girl cry, more yelling and whistle blowing. I came home and collapsed on the floor.

I was in bed asleep by 10pm. I usually never go to sleep until around midnight. I would like to say that I slept like a baby but instead I kept having nightmares about PE.

Here's to day 2!