Sunday, September 11, 2011

Isabel: 8 months

I'm a bit behind on blogging lately... forgive me. I just haven't been in the mood.

Dear Izzie,

I just have to say how much fun you've been lately. Your little personality has really begun to shine. You squeal, flap your lips {and spit all over us in the process}, give big slobbery kisses, laugh at us and yourself, bounce up and down, crawl and get in to ev-er-y-thing.

You get so excited when you see animals, especially dogs. You try to play with the big kids at grandma and grandpa's. Luckily you have mostly girl cousins so they love having a baby to play with. You love to look at yourself in the mirror and you give yourself big wet kisses. You absolutely love people too. You have even started giving big cheesy grins to strangers.

Some new things you started doing are: standing and army crawling {really well} we've tried to put you on your knees but you prefer to army crawl. You can pull yourself up in your crib and you try to stand up using just about everything. Your favorite toys aren't even toys. You love cells phones, remote controls, air vents, hair brushes and just about anything dangerous that a baby shouldn't get their hands on.

This month you went camping for the first time and you had a really great time. You slept surprisingly well during the night. Except your dad and I discovered that you are a bed hog. The only time you started crying at night was when one of us were in your way. You'd hit or kick us until we moved. You also started going to day care twice a week while I'm at work. You seem to enjoy it and your sitter Carmela adores you. She says you are such a good baby {and I couldn't agree more}. It's so hard to leave you though. I hope you know that! If I had it my way I would stay home with you all day. Unfortunately, we aren't in the position that we can do that. Lucky for us though it's only two days a week!

This month you got your first cold. You must have gotten it from day care because you got sick first and then your dad and I got sick with sore throats. It was so awful seeing you sick. You just moaned all day and night for two days. They were some exhausting days for all of us.

I am so glad that you are mine. I love you so much.

Love, Mom

(Playing with dad before church)

(getting in to things)

(hanging out watching some tv, I'm a horrible parent I know)

(Standing up in our crib)

(bath time! our favorite time of the day!)

(my two sickies taking a nap)


  1. it's crazy how much Izzy looks like both of you! She is adorable!

  2. i love this post. she's getting so big. seeing you guys the other night and hanging out just makes me realize how much we need to hang out MORE. love you.