Friday, August 12, 2011

Isabel: 7 months

My Izzie,

Today I am so grateful to be able to celebrate your seven month of life! It really has been the greatest time of my life! You are so special and so brilliant! You are such a happy baby!

Your jabber has turned in to what I like to pretend are words. You say "dadadada", "mamamama", and "babababa". You've been pretty needy lately. You cry when I walk out of the room and whenever I walk by, you hold your arms up with this little pouty face. It's not that I'm ignoring you. I'm just trying to get things done!

You love food! Your favorites are carrots, bananas, beef with sweet potatoes (the kind I make for you) and peas! You eat all of those with surprising gusto. And many of those bites come with an "mmm". You don't so much like avocado, salmon, or watermelon. It always takes you at least 3 or 4 bites before you decide that you don't like something and then you start making this gagging noise. Except for the watermelon. You shivered after the first bite and started making this gagging sound and then you actually threw up a little bit. It was pretty funny.

You are such a daddy's girl. You absolutely light up when he comes through the door. You start kicking your feet and get this big grin on your face. Nobody can make you laugh like your dad can. You love playing with him. He tosses you on the bed and tickles you and you love it! Which is a good thing because your dad isn't the kind to play gentle. I have a feeling that in no time you two will be wrestling each other.

I also think you'll be crawling much sooner than I'm ready for you. You've started to get on your hands and knees and do that rocking motion everyone has been telling me so much about!

You are such a joy and we love you so much!!

Love, Mom

All of the lovely photos of my beautiful baby were taken by the AMAZING Paige Davis Photography! She's so great to work with! She did Izzie's newborns too!


  1. so stinking cute! i love her little baby cheeks and her adorable eyes with that cute little non-smiling face! A-FREAKING-DORABLE!!!

  2. i LOVE those last two! she is so precious!

  3. i am in love with these photos of beautiful izzie!! love love love them.