Saturday, January 9, 2010

so in love....


This is my nephew Jackson aka Jack. (it's Troy's sisters son, so no his name is not Jackson Jackson everyone asks me that!) He just turned 4 and is completely adorable. He's a boys boy and loves to fight and wrestle anyone from his 1 year old sister to his grandma. He calls me Lessie and always gives me big hugs when we come to visit. He also instructs me on the proper way to play Legos and when playing phase 10 dice you MUST say "Oh snap!" and pound the table after every roll.

Yesterday he was being particularly funny without even trying. He hands me my phone and says, "Lessie take a picture of me like this" He backs up puts on his most serious face...

and poses like this! When we asked what he was doing he said, "Standing" and when we asked him why Jack replied, "because it's awesome!"

Here's to you Jack Attack!

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