Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mazda 3 vs. Semi

I have decided that #1 I am incredibly lame. Today, I narrowly escaped death or at least some serious bodily harm and the very first thing I do when I get home I think..."I should blog it!" So out of complete lame-ness here is my story...

First off, I would really like to thank whomever is watching over me. THANK YOU. THANK YOU.

I'm on my way home from school (u of u) driving on the freeway. I'm just about home. For those of you who live in bountiful I was fast approaching the 2600 South exit. About a half mile before the exit is where I-215 merges with I-15. You always have to be careful when trying to get in the exit lane at that point because the merging traffic lane ends so you have to watch for cars who are trying to merge on the freeway while you are trying to get off the freeway. I was coming to this point in the freeway when I noticed a semi about to begin merging it wasn't going very fast and was driving cautiously so as not to run anyone over (just as a big huge semi driver should drive!) I think that I can easily get around this truck so he can get in my lane and I can get in his. I being the good driver that I am check my blind spot (thank my lucky stars) when I see ANOTHER semi flying around the first semi like a bat out of hell. I put on my blinker thinking that this crazy driving semi will see me and think "Perfect! I'll let this car over and then I can get into the lane I need to."

Super glad I made no assuming with crazy bat out of hell semi.

He proceeds to try and BEAT the other semi before the lane merges. While this is happening another car decides to get behind me and starts riding my butt and there is a big truck to my left. I AM TRAPPED. To the right of me are two semi trucks in the SAME lane. The first cautious semi is now in the emergency pull off lane and the crazy semi is now signaling that he wants to get in the left lane and I'm still RIGHT next to him. Crazy semi starts coming in to my lane. Because I am trapped I can't quickly get in the lane next to me because of the truck and I know that I can't brake too quickly because of the jerk-off riding my tail.

All I can think of is, "What do I do? What do I do?"

Some how I manage to stay completely calm and brake slightly and bring my car as close to the truck on my left as possible. The bat out of hell semi narrowly misses my car by literally inches. The cautious semi gets back on to the actual road and I get off my exit. I was half way tempted to chase the semi down and find out his license plate and company and complain but he was going to fast I decided it wasn't safe since he was weaving in and out of traffic. The part that makes me the most upset about this whole avoided accident is that this semi-truck wasn't a normal cargo semi truck but it was a GAS TANKER.


I'm really grateful that I was able to remain calm and think clearly. This whole thing happen in probably 30 seconds. And I'm really grateful that there was no accident and no one was hurt and/or killed.

So I live to blog another day. Thank goodness.


  1. Les!

    This is a crazy story. So glad you are alright. When exactly does Bekah get home? We can't make it to her homecoming because I have a calling that doesn't let me leave on Sundays but I want to come down to B-Town and play. Could you give me some details?

    Thanks Chica!

  2. Hey do you not have facebook anymore?? I tried to find you on facebook and it did not work... Bekah gets home on the 26th! 9 more days! Shelly has moved back in with her parents and she and I wanted to have some sort of get together for Bekah when she's more settled in... Do you still have the same phone number? If so I'll text you with details as they come along!