Monday, February 6, 2012

let her eat cake

So we're going to pretend like I haven't lost my camera again and I've gotten around to posting about Izzie's birthday already...mmmk?

Remember how Izzie's birthday cake smashing was an epic fail? Picture my shy baby girl in front of 20+ of our closest family and friends with a cake in front of her... frozen stiff in fear. That girl wouldn't even touch her cake due to stage fright. I even force fed her a little frosting hoping that might encourage her a bit. Nope. She spit it out.

Uncle Nicholas turned 17 this weekend and we had a little party for him. Thank goodness for camera phones. I think Izzie' likes birthdays... just not hers.

Yes she did eat straight out of the ice cream carton

Loving Nicholas' cake

Because every one knows that cake tastes better with a little toe jam

messy girl!

Sink bath @ grandma's = cake success


  1. well at least we know she does in fact eat cake :)

  2. i love it. i love how you let her eat right on the table with the carton open. what a cutie pa-tootie!