Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Kids say the darndest things part two

Oh the things kids say to me sometimes.... I can't help but crack up. They have absolutely nooo filter. None. Zilch.

"Mrs. Jackson, do you walk a lot? You look really healthy. I think you must walk a lot."

exactly one week later I got this comment from a 1st grader...

Boy: "Are you having a baby?"
Me: ""
Boy: "Oh. You look like it."

"Mrs. Jackson! I got an Xbox Kinect for Christmas! I got it from Santa. And I know it was from Santa because my mom hates video games!"

"Did you fart? It smells like fart in here." I promise I didn't far... just saying.

"This is like possibly the funnest game I've played in like, um... since Thursday!"

"I don't want to play that. ever. again. I hate this!"

This next comment came from a 6 year old with the most serious look and tone in her voice...
"Mrs. Jackson, you and I need to talk!" And then she proceeded to tattle.

2nd graders who break out in to song and dance singing "I'm sexy and I know it!"

If it weren't for moments like these through out my day I might go crazy.


  1. how funny! you totally farted! feeling like you had to defend yourself, haha. love it, eat is, smell it.

  2. LESLIE!!! if you haven't already, go read my blog and see what i did to you... ;)