Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Isabel: six months

Dear Izzie,

Oh my dear sweet girl! {I sounded like my mother just then...weird}. I can't believe you have been alive for half a year. Half a year? It makes me want to cry.

You have started to come out of your shy little cocoon and smile at everyone you see. You give the best smiles that warm my heart. I could seriously stare at you all day long. You give full blown laughs now. We have to work really hard to get them but they're worth it. Believe me I've done some crazy things, that may or may not include some ridiculous dance moves just to hear that sweet laugh.

You sit up so well by yourself. You'd rather be on your tummy than on your back. I can no longer leave you unattended on a bed because you roll like crazy! You've shown lots of interest in crawling. You get so frustrated when something is out of your reach and you can't figure out how to move your legs to get there. This past week you were sitting up in the bath tub playing with a toy and while I was reaching for the shampoo you fell face first in to the water. You scared me half to death. The memory of you coughing up all the water you had just inhaled, after only being under water for 1.3 seconds still haunts me. I made your dad give you all of your baths the rest of the week. I'm still scarred.

I love pulling you out of your crib in the morning or from a nap. You cling to me like I've just rescued you from some terrible torture.

You've started giving me hugs. I melt. You give really slobbery open mouth kisses too. You also rest your little head on my shoulder during church and all of the ladies in relief society just die from your cuteness.

You are practically perfect in every way! {Even though we're going through another rough patch full of tears}.

Love, Mom

6 month stats

Weight: 18lbs 4oz, 89%
Height: 26.5in, 79%
Head 98%


  1. She is such a beautiful girl, It kinda looks like you both applied lip gloss right before this photo was taken and holy crap that's a huge flower!
    Holy cheese muffin fries !!! your haircut and your rockin body look STTTUU--U--UNNING! You look supa FINE! RAR!

  2. Your little girl is GORGEOUS!!