Tuesday, July 26, 2011


As some of you know nutrition is pretty important to me. It's what I got my minor in. I would have switched it to my major if The University of Utah offered it as a major. But I was too close to graduating and didn't want to transfer schools again.

I'm not saying that I eat 100% great. I love chips, donuts, cookies, etc... And I in no way intend to completely cut these out of my diet. I do however try to make healthy choices. I try to limit my intake of the aforementioned goodies, I buy 100% whole grain everything, fruits, veggies, etc... I have rules about what I will and won't feed my daughter. Nutrition is a big deal.

Last night I watched this movie and it definitely made an impact on me.

Seriously, it's going to further change the way me and my family eat forever. It's going to make me think twice about what I purchase. I know it's not going to be an over night thing. But I will be better.

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  1. Les!

    So I just read through some of your post and found that your mom got married! Congrats! And when I saw her ring, I was like, that's totally her! I remember she always had that kind of jewelry on. So fun!